Artist overcomes adversity, creates new business, new life.

Today’s post is by guest author and artist Josee Morin, a fellow Ontarian. Our paths crossed on twitter. I have met many interesting people on twitter, it’s why I enjoy it.

Josee’s story is another great example of overcoming adversity and finding the resilience to develop a skill into a business. She also has some wise words of advice for others suffering from the effects of divorce.

The Evolution of a Cathartic Artisan. 

Tequila Sunrise Beaded Collar

It’s not that I needed a separation to define my artistic ability; I have been drawing, painting and being artistic most of the married life. However, I will say this, coming back to it reignited the fiery story within the artist all over again. I had spent 18 years raising a child, being a dutiful wife and shop keeper only to have this fall apart in the space of 1 day.

My mother said it was the biggest present my ex had given me, my friends sighed a thank god under their breath and I was left figuring out where my inner soul had taken off to. My sister even flew in from Florida with my nephew for support. Here I was. I had time and money to spend on myself all over again but I was honestly lost. I set a timer on the stove when I knew I was about to cry and when it went off I stopped by going outside in public forcing myself to stand up. I put my roller blades on and kept fresh air on my face.

I had a girlfriend to point me in the direction I needed for the legal woes but in context of the ‘whole sphere of me’ this seemed all surreal, untouchable and worse, I couldn’t find an answer for questions that were brewing in my head. I couldn’t picture myself anywhere. It took me about a week while out for a drive and then it dawned on me like a ton a bricks.


Not Just White Noise

I felt a firecracker light up in my head and my stomach had to race back to my body. Get a canvas – get paints and forget about everyone except me for the night. So I did, I started with large 6 x 4 canvases and built up and before I knew it I had a show in London, I even sold 2 paintings!! It grew into my passion and I then added jewelry into the mix. At that same time I was introduced to someone through a friend at work. That’s the official time in which I developed a whole line of exotic wood jewelry. Weekends were spent with a dremel in one hand and a block of wood in the other. I made a ring every week.

People stopped me in the street just to see what I was wearing! I felt euphoric and took the road the universe laid out in front of me. I added leather bracelets to the mix and designed glass bead embroidered wearable art. I defined myself into the jewelry field but not only being different but by giving women access to cool artsy stuff at an affordable ‘non museum’ price. I make all of it and have close to 300 pieces. I love what I do and am empowered by giving women a choice as a woman. I registered my business in January and started to do a few craft shows. My real aim next year will be the One of a Kind show in Toronto.

My words of wisdom to those who are fresh out of a divorce is to listen to your inner being, stop the emotional upheaval and focus on what makes you happy. Physically take a piece of paper and start writing everything that makes you happy. Carry this with you so that you read it when you START to feel sad.  Surround yourself with happy friends and supporting family members. Try to stay away from other divorced people so you don’t relive memories or ask questions.

It’s amazing how fast time goes. Use it well. Smile. You can do the same for you.

All the best,

Josée Morin
vixen artwear

As an added blog bonus – those wanting to purchase some jewelry for either themselves or others

email me: vixenartwear@ (you must mention this blog) and I will give you 20% off any one of my pieces. Live in the area? (42.8667° N, 80.7333° W)
call me 226 688 8383 to schedule a one on one appointment with me where I will be happy to custom make your jewelry using swarovski crystals, leather or exotic wood.

Thank you Josee, and congratulations on overcoming your adversity and creating an extraordinary life. Follow Josee on twitter @VixenArtWear

Best wishes for Thanksgiving to all my USA readers.

Peter Wright
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  1. Roberta
    November 30, 2013 at 10:57 am

    What a fantastic – not to mention beautiful – story and way to over come adversity. You inspire me.

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