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Today has been one of those days when inspiration has been lacking and many urgent tasks could not be put off any longer, two conditions that are not conducive to creating interesting, entertaining or useful writing. So something different this time around, a useful blogging shortcut. In the last few days, I have published posts on my other blogs that may be of interest to you. Rather than repeat them, here are the links with a short description of each post.

Social Media as a Debt Collector.

There is a new free service where unpaid debts can be listed in a publicly accessible database and the publicised through social media. I have some reservations about this, read more by clicking the link to the post on my Social Media blog.

Compulsive hoarding.

A guest post by Marie Dina who is an expert at helping people who have become hoarders. The transition from compulsive shopper to obsessive hoarder can happen quickly and be hidden from friends and family until it is very serious. Find out more at the link above, it will take you to my blog for baby boomers.

Asea and Empower Network.

How the Empower Network system can help network marketers and some benefits of Asea, the product and the business.

Wishing you success in all your endeavours.

Peter Wright

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