3 reasons why Empower Network is good value.

Empower Network


Over the 4 years that I have been involved in the on-line commercial world, I have seen many “Marketing systems” come and go. I have tried quite a few with varying results.

Mostly, I have been able to make progress quite well without paying someone else for a “System”. Luckily and perhaps unusually for a Baby Boomer, I have been fascinated by the Internet, blogging and social media. I have soaked up all the useful (and a lot of useless) advice from wherever I could find it. I realise now that I have made a huge investment in both time and money over the period. More so since my heart attack gave me more time for research and more incentive to develop a new income source.

It was only this week when several of my off-line business contacts asked me for some advice about social media, blogging and Internet Marketing that I realised how difficult it can be for someone with little or no experience to get started in any form of Internet Marketing. It is the old story, similar to when as kids, as soon as we learned how to ride a bicycle we thought it strange that others found it difficult.

The questions being asked of me this week prompted me to take another look at a system a good friend of mine has been using and making some money from for a couple of months. From previous discussions with her, I know she was absolutely horrified by the idea of setting up a blog, autoresponders, or follow-up emails.

Now I have spent a couple of days playing around with the system and I am convinced that it is ideal for any one with very limited knowledge to get a blog up and running as the corner-stone of an Internet Marketing business.

To make sure that I was giving it a good test, I went through all the steps myself and set up a new blog using the system. Everything worked like a charm, it is very straightforward. The instructions both in video and downloadable pdf format are good and there are very helpful Skype and Facebook groups who are only too happy to give advice.

For those who have already set up blogs, autoresponders and have their own systems up and running, there is not a lot new here, but for every one else wanting to get started, this will take months off the learning curve. This system is much more cost-effective than personal training or hiring a consultant.

That is where the value in the system lies for experienced bloggers and Internet marketers, you can also make money out of this by selling the system to others. You can now offer an affordable effective system to new bloggers and marketers who cannot afford to pay for your exclusive time.

In a nutshell, here are the 3 main reasons why I believe this system offers exceptional value:

  • Everything is set up, just write the first post to get started.
  • Excellent and easy to follow training resources.
  • Cost of membership is lower than similar systems.

Check it out here Empower Network that is my affiliate link so if you buy from this link, it will not cost you any more but I will get a commission. Check it out today, this is a system that works.


Wishing you success in all your endeavours.

Peter Wright




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  1. March 29, 2012 at 6:30 am

    Empower Network is good because of these reasons:
    1. It guides new bloggers to start their own blogging business online.
    2. Members help out their co-marketers.
    3. It makes blogging easier than ever. Plus, just being a member of EN added with marketing efforts is a sure way to achieving success.

    Samantha Louise

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