Helping You Live a Life of Purpose not a Life of Busy Work.

Helping You Live a Life of Purpose not a Life of Busy Work.

Do you feel like a hamster on a treadmill?

In a whirlwind of unfocused activity, busy all day without going anywhere, without achieving any thing important.

Does “Following Your Passion” and “Doing Work You Love” sound like an impossible dream?


  • Are you continually learning about new tools, new tactics, new systems but not taking action?
  • Do you spend more time on busy work than taking concrete steps to achieving your goal?
  • Are you afraid that the world is moving too quickly?
  • Secretly terrified that you will never master the skills to succeed in the digital age?

If you answered yes and are feeling overwhelmed by any of these common situations, you are being blocked by the same challenges facing thousands of other entrepreneurs, small business owners and professionals. The same hurdles that high achievers in any field have had to overcome to reach their goals.

Successful people have coaches and mentors to help them develop their inner strengths of Perseverance and Resilience.

A Modern Alchemist combines the qualities of both coaches and mentors to be your guide, your fellow traveller on the journey to a successful, fulfilling life of purpose.

  • To help you focus on the most important action you can take today to start on that journey.
  • To show you how to develop the habits to keep moving forward on that journey to success.

Imagine starting work every day full of joy and anticipation, knowing the few critical actions you must take to move a step closer to achieving your goals. Your day unfolding like the scenes in a movie with you as director. Ending your work day feeling fulfilled instead of overwhelmed. Feeling that you have accomplished all the important tasks scheduled for the day. Knowing clearly and without a shadow of doubt that you had spent the day purposefully creating the life you want. Having time to spend on your relationship, spiritual, exercise or sport goals without feeling guilty about unread emails.

Making that dream of Living a Life of Purpose and loving your work come true has more to do with how you think, what actions you take than the type of work you do or the business you are trying to create.

What is a modern Alchemist? A combination of coach, consultant, mentor, teacher and guide, someone who has had a varied and rich life packed with experiences, successes and failures that few could imagine. Unlike the Alchemists of old who were known for the transmutation of base metals into gold, the Modern Alchemist strives for personal transformation, creating Brilliance from Adversity, Clarity from Chaos, Outcomes from Overwhelm and Success from Failure.

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Wishing you a life of purpose.


Helping You Live a Life of Purpose not a Life of Busy Work.





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