Helping You Overcome & Thrive on Adversity to Create an Extraordinary Life.


Do you feel like a hamster on a treadmill?

In a whirlwind of unfocused activity, busy all day without going anywhere, without achieving any thing important.


Or do you feel like a traveller on an unfamiliar road with confusing signposts, without a GPS or a map? Slowed down by hurdles, setbacks and confusing choices.


Are You Letting Past Failures and Bad Choices Stop You From Creating the Life of Your Dreams?

  • Are you continually learning about new tools, tactics and systems but not taking action?
  • Are you afraid that the world is moving too quickly?
  • Are you secretly terrified that you will not master the skills to succeed in the on-line world?
  • Are you dismayed that Western society has abandoned the core values that made it great?

Welcome to the digital age.

The world has moved away from common sense, clarity and simplicity towards regulation, entitlement and complexity.

It’s not all bad, the digital age has created huge opportunities for entrepreneurs, small businesses and professionals.

But to be successful, happy and healthy, to live extraordinary lives we need to find a balance. Keeping the tradtional core values that are the foundation stones of society and using the new technology to make our lives more effective. Not becoming enslaved by it.

This blog will help you find that balance.

Making that dream of Overcoming Setbacks, Living an Extraordinary Life and loving your work, come true has more to do with how you think, what actions you take than the type of work you do or the business you are trying to create.

My Manifesto is set out below, it’s what I believe is wrong with the world and it tells you what I am doing to build a community of #GoodPeople to make the world a better place for all through self-improvement and taking personal responsibility, not misguided policies imposed by big government and special interest groups.

My views might offend you, in which case, I thank you for reading this far and wish you success and happiness on your path.

If you share my views, then fill in the form at the top of the page to subscribe to my twice weekly updates or just click here.

Wishing you an extraordinary, successful, happy and healthy life.


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