What happened to the last 4 weeks?

I can’t believe that a month has flown by since my last post, I have broken one of the cardinal rules of successful blogging – infrequent posts.

What happened to break my commitment to publish 1 post every week? All sorts of urgent things, like spending a week to get my accounting programme up to date so that I could finalise my tax return. Very hot dry weather required many hours on the farm to set up irrigation. My better half going to England for 2 weeks resulting in me having to remember how to cook, do laundry, housework and look after 5 cats, a dog and 3 horses.

Thank goodness Sue does not go away very often, but when she does, I really do appreciate how much she does to keep our home running smoothly.

I could provide a great list of excuses but the point is that life just got in the way, the same reason most of us don’t always achieve what we set out to do.

We have a choice as to how we spend each of the 960 minutes available each day (allowing 8 hours sleep). I am guilty of not using some of those minutes for posting more content on this blog. Given that a blog post should take me less than 60 minutes, no matter how many other urgent things needed attention, there is no excuse.

Changing subject, many readers have asked which theme I am using for this blog. It is the “Snowblind” theme, it’s available under “Themes” on the WordPress dashboard, is free, easy to install and works well. Other readers asked if I set up this blog myself, yes, I did.

I use www.GoDaddy.com ” to purchase my domain names and host all my websites. It is very easy to install wordpress with GoDaddy and if you are stuck, the support people will talk you through the installation.

No commercials this week, now that I am back on track, I will have something interesting to share next week.

Wishing you success with all your endeavours.

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  1. Janet
    July 11, 2010 at 11:54 pm

    Finally made it here. Nice to hear how much you appreciate Sue. Hope this rain today will take some stress off irrigation duties.
    See you at the farm.

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