What are we trying to teach our kids?

I limit my newspaper reading so as to lessen my exposure to negative news, but I am also aware that it is important be informed of what is going on in the world around us.

On Saturday, I read an article that started out as an example of a teenager standing up for himself against a bully only to end with the teenager himself being suspended from school.

According to the report, the teenager was proficient in one of the martial arts, when attacked by the bully, he defended himself. In the ensuing altercation, the bully received a broken nose and the incident was over. Until the school authorities got involved.

The teenager was suspended, the police were called in and he may face a charge of assault.

Apparently the the teenager was well supported by his fellow students who have protested at the unfair treatment he received.

What is concerning about this incident is that it appears to be yet another case of the victim being punished and the perpetrator being let off too lightly.

Bullying has been around for generations, it occurs in groups of people of all ages, in schools, the work place, on committees. It does not have to be physical in nature. It is generally ended by the victim standing up for him or herself and refusing to be bullied.

Anti-social behaviour like crime and bullying, must have consequences. When the consequences are more severe for the victim than the aggressor, is it any wonder that some victims of bullying see suicide as the only escape?

What has this to do with Marketing or Business? At first sight not much. But with the increasing erosion of our individual rights it reinforces the need for all of us to be financially independent. Financial independence gives us the flexibility to choose where and how we live without having to rely on an employer or any one else.

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At last some good news from the economy with the big gains on the North American markets yesterday.

And lastly, an impresive win for Canadian bred Mine That Bird in the Kentucky Derby.

Wishing you success in all your endeavours.

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