A New Direction For Peter Wright’s Blog

Social Media ExpertsTwo years ago, I started this blog primarily to provide a resource for newcomers to the Network Marketing business. I also hoped that lessons learned from some of my experiences might benefit people  struggling with their own hurdles in that field, or in life in general.

During the two years, my own business interests have moved more towards Internet Marketing and there are many experts far more qualified and successful than I serving the Network Marketing Industry.

Over this period, the role of Social Media in the marketing strategies of businesses in practically every industry has become more important, as have the opportunities to help people in this field. It has also become apparent that the number of visitors to this blog increases dramatically whenever I post about Social Media.

Of course, the fact that I enjoy Social Media and have reasonably good Klout and PeerIndex scores also helps.

So in a slight change of direction, this blog will concentrate on Social Media, it’s role in marketing, pitfalls and opportunities, how to avoid errors and disasters, above all how to stay sane and be successful. It will continue to look at Internet Marketing and there will still be posts on motivation, goals and vision.

Health, overcoming adversity and Baby Boomer related topics will be covered on my other blog: Boomer Prosperity.

Wishing you success in all your endeavours.

Peter Wright

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  1. June 19, 2011 at 6:03 pm

    Yes, social media offers something valuable the search engines never will, and that, of course, is interactivity. You comment, I comment, they comment – building a community of like minded folks increases following. Socmed is just as good for MLMers as affiliates and bloggers. We all like to develop a following for one reason or another, even if only the comfort of being “read”!

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