Energy & Determination turn Dreams into Reality.

562px-Air_ambulance_QANTAS_Brisbane_1931Dreams breed ideas, but it takes energy, determination and commitment turn them into realities that change the world  –  or parts of it.

Many people have wonderful dreams and ideas, but lack the other ingredients to nurture them through a difficult gestation. Their dreams are stillborn.

One unlikely man had both the dreams and the determination to pursue them. His dream came to fruition 88 years ago, on this day, May 17th, 1928.

John Flynn was a Presbyterian Minister in rural Victoria, Australia. An unlikely prospect to have world-changing dreams and an even unlikelier one to have the determination, skills or resources to develop them.

John Flynn

John Flynn

He was not a businessman or entrepreneur. He had the conviction that he was doing God’s work and the energy to do it.

More than most, he saw how technology could be used to provide medical services to the people living in the vast, sparsely inhabited outback. He saw how technology could also be used to bring education to children in remote settlements.

He dreamed of mobile doctors, rural nursing centres, education by correspondence for children. Radio communication with distant cattle stations and villages.

Most importantly, he had the energy to campaign for all these and the energy to raise funds for their implementation.

In  the years after WWI, when aircraft were becoming reliable enough to be used for more than warfare or flying circuses, Flynn was contacted by a pilot who advised him on the possibilities of using planes to quickly transport doctors to patients in remote areas.

Combined with radio for communication, this gave John Flynn the idea for the flying doctor service.

The first flight of the Aerial Medical Service took place on 17 May 1928 in Queensland. The service later became the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

It would not have happened if John Flynn had not followed his dreams and acted on his ideas until they were realised. Thousands of people in remote parts of Australia and the world beyond have benefitted, and continue to benefit, thanks to the energy, determination and conviction of one man.

John Flynn did not do what he did for financial gain or personal glory, he did it for the benefit of the people he cared about.

His is an extraordinary example of what happens when dreams, ideas, energy, determination and conviction combine to produce action and results.

How well do you follow your dreams? Pursue your ideas?

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  1. Tim
    May 18, 2016 at 6:05 am

    Peter, this was a wonderful story to help all of us consider our actions. Thanks. Tim

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