An example of good service and a warning

Yesterday I received an email that appeared to come from UPS.

At first it looked genuine, it had a senders name and a tracking number. The message said that a package could not be delivered to me because the address was incorrect, it instructed me to open an attachment to get the details and collect my package from the post office.

Because I was not expecting a delivery from UPS I paid a bit more attention, on closer reading, the email contained 2 grammatical and 1 spelling error. The grammar was not only wrong, the choice of words was not typically North American.

A further clue was the warning not to reply by email as “this is an unmonitored address”

Becoming suspicious, I checked the properties of the email and found that it had been sent from an entirely different email address from that which appeared in the”from” line in my email in box.

I did not open the attachment and immediately deleted the email.

After checking the tracking number on the UPS site and finding it fictitious, I emailed UPS.

Within 2 hours, I had a reply confirming that UPS were aware of these emails, they definitely were not sent out by UPS and that some attachments contained viruses. UPS also advised me not to open the attachment and to delete the email.

What impressed me about UPS’ reply was that they took the trouble to reply quickly and offer advice on a matter that had nothing to do with immediate sales, but everything to do with me forming a good impression of them.

A huge contrast to some of my experiences with other large companies who cannot take the trouble to reply to much more serious enquiries.

Well done UPS.

Here is my question to you. Do you give that much attention and consideration, and that quickly, to people who contact your business?

So pay attention to emails that purport to come from reputable large companies before opening attachments.

Wishing you success in all your endeavours.

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