Unintended Consequences of Political Correctness

Unintended consequences of political correctness are becoming more obvious every day.

unintended consequences

When things go wrong


Because common sense is becoming as rare as hen’s teeth in the digital age.

It’s unlikely that the jet-skier in the photo expected that outcome from his somersault move. Outcomes just as unexpected are coming from the activities of people, organisations and activist groups that should know better.


I have written about my thoughts on Political Correctness before, here and here. You can find more articles using the search box above. This post is about two of the consequences, and the danger they pose to personal freedom and independence that is a real threat to our Western culture.

Two examples:

On 1 January 2018, the provincial government of Ontario, Canada increased the minimum wage by 22.8%. Despite months of being told by employers – including; small business owners, restaurants, farmers, large industrial enterprises – that an increase of that size would result in higher operating costs and reduced employment if it went ahead.

There will be an election in a few months. Political expediency and appeasement of unions to seduce voters are far more important than sound economic policy.

Within days of the increase becoming law, fast food outlets – particularly franchise operators, caught between the rock of increased costs and the hard place of corporate pricing policy started reducing benefits or working hours.

Did those struggling employers get any sympathy from the government? No, accusations of “taking it out on the workers” was their reward for trying to keep the doors open.

Unintended Consequences of Sexual Misconduct Allegations.

Allegations of sexual misconduct or inappropriate sexual behaviour are two weapons now being used indiscriminately to attack (mainly) men, and ruin reputations often for political purposes. Weapons which can be used without having to satisfy the same tests for authenticity required in criminal cases.

Patrick Brown, leader of the Ontario Conservative party who was forced to resign this week is the latest casualty of trial by social media. Was he guilty of criminal activity or just offending women? That should be for the courts to decide, not the media, social or conventional. Even if he is completely exonerated, his reputation and his political career are ruined.

I am not excusing rape, actual violence, coercion, or blackmail for sex used against women by men. Those should all be punished severely when they have been proven in a court of law, not alleged in social media.

The problem is that many women, feminist groups and liberal academics think that all women should be protected from being offended in any way or form.

There is a biological difference between the two genders.

No amount of legislation, no # twitter campaigns or other forms of social outrage have yet succeeded in a man becoming pregnant.

Some men do forget how to behave responsibly ( it used to be called gentlemanly behaviour), they may say or do things some women find offensive. That behaviour is unpleasant but is hardly a hanging offence.

Here is an excellent article on Male Sexual Nature in townhall.com titled “A Primer For The College Educated” explaining what most men and women have known for generations but seems to have escaped the current college educated generation.

Another unintended consequence will be when a man can prove he is completely innocent and successfully sues his accusers for damages and his employer for wrongful dismissal.

Unintended Consequences and Jobs

As an older white male, I am a choice target should I employ a female in my small business. I would feel particularly vulnerable should she be young and attractive. What if there should be a minor disagreement about some part of her performance on the job? Perhaps continually being late for work, poor skills or a bad attitude to customers.

She would be able to turn legitimate grounds for disciplinary action or termination of services into a potential windfall of settlement damages just by an unfounded tweet or Facebook post.

Do I think many women would do that? No, only a very small minority. But is it worth me taking that chance, no matter how slight?

The unintended consequences of the current flood of unproven allegations of sexual misconduct will be a reluctance by male business owners and corporate employers to hire women.

The campaign to make public accusations against men using social media instead of the law might prove to be the biggest example of “shooting yourself in the foot” that the liberal and feminist movements have yet achieved. It could be disastrous for women’s employment opportunities.

Few people have considered that it is only a matter of time before the unfounded allegation weapon is used against women in positions of power. Most men of my generation would consider it beneath us and against our nature to resort to using this weapon against women.

However for younger people, especially those indoctrinated by rabidly liberal educational institutions, that might not be the case. Those younger men and women believe there is absolutely no difference between the sexes. They think they have a “human right” not to be offended and might have no hesitation in so doing.

Let’s hope the pendulum starts swinging back to an era of common sense before our Western civilization is destroyed.

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Photo by Quino Al on Unsplash

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