Plateau, Reset or Pendulum Swing?

Have we reached a plateau in our adoption of technology and acceptance of its impact on our lives?


Digital Acceptance Plateau or Pendulum Swing?

Or, has the pendulum reached the end of its swing towards globalisation socialism and political correctness?

Or both?

More articles are appearing that show people are waking up and kicking the addiction to electronic devices and small screens. My fellow writer and discerning observer of human nature, Olev Wain alerted me to this review of David Sax’s book, “The Revenge of Analog” in the New York Review of books . It provides many examples; from increased sales of moleskin notebooks and vinyl records to the growing fascination with board games.

People are downgrading from smart phones to boring flip phones that only make and receive phone calls. Others are going without any form of mobile phone. Here’s an article in The Guardian about one person’s story of why she got rid of hers and the huge benefits she is experiencing.

Have we reached a plateau where we can pause, catch our collective breaths and prepare ourselves for the next wave of technology? A wave that will include driverless cars, robotic care givers and even “smarter” communication devices.

Or have we reached a reset point at which some of us are saying enough and moving back from the plateau. Retreating to seek comfort in older, familiar technologies, products and services – Revenge of the Analog?

Plateau to Pendulum

Brexit and the choice of a non-politician as President of the USA are both indications that the pendulum is swinging back to the centre. Like him or not, half of American voters voted for Donald Trump. Earlier, just over half of British voters voted to leave the EU.

Voters in Holland and other European countries are supporting political parties that oppose unrestricted immigration and increasing interference from Brussels.

Another indicator that people are starting to realise the value of “real” human contact is the enthusiasm I have noticed for actual meetings of people with similar values, interests or causes.This was obvious from the feedback from after our recent meeting for members of our Healthy Waterloo Region and Home Service Hub emagazines.

Get the right mix of people in a room, a good facilitator to introduce some ideas and phones are forgotten. Real talking and listening happens. Isn’t that amazing?

Are these all indicators that people are willing to risk some adversity for more independence? Making choices. Starting to take back control of their lives? From electronic distractions and pervasive big brother government?

What do you think?

This short post might be the last for a week or two, I will be away for a short hospital visit next week – one area where I am happy to take advantage of the latest technology.


Plateau / pendulum graphic created in a few minutes with Canva & a public domain photo.



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  1. Roberta Hunter
    February 12, 2017 at 2:07 pm

    I believe that there are always swings back and forth. The pendulum is certainly moving back ‘right’ now. And for one, I am very happy about it.

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