Mind Control, Propaganda And The Media

mind controlMind control belongs to the world of science fiction, or does it? Is it only a figment of the imagination of creative authors like Ray Bradbury? Or is it a real phenomenon, one used increasingly by politicians, social activists and liberals. A propaganda tool that is influencing the thinking of millions of supposedly intelligent people.

There is plenty of evidence to show that it is real, and it’s not new. With the decline in “old media” reading and viewing, electronic media is providing fertile ground for the resurgence of mind control.

Hitler was able to murder 6 million Jews through a combination of propaganda and subtle mind control. Skilfully used, whole populations can be persuaded, coerced or intimidated into accepting incrementally increasing control over their thoughts and lives.

Until they are faced with a situation they cannot believe could have occurred. Situations that they never would have allowed to arise if they had been presented with the final goal at the outset.

Campaigns orchestrated by masters of mind control can persuade people to act or ignore events, knowing that these actions or acceptance go against their best long-term interests.

In addition to the Holocaust, other examples are: The Rwandan genocide, the farm invasions in Zimbabwe. The support for terrorists in Southern Africa by intelligent Europeans and North Americans, the UK joining the EU decades ago. Support for boycotting Israel. Governments’ attempts to justify carbon taxes by dishonestly presenting climate change as being totally man-made.

We are facing increasing attempts to control our thinking and force changes to behaviour that are unacceptable to large segments of society.

Two current examples of mind control:

The current US presidential campaign where the media is overwhelmingly portraying the candidate with a successful record of business leadership as not worthy of the presidency. At the same time attempting to cover up the serious errors of judgement, illegal behaviour and alleged health problems of the other. People with less powerful connections have lost jobs, reputations, pensions and faced jail time for much less serious offences.

Neither candidate is a saint or an obvious choice for president, however both deserve equal treatment.

The second is the issue of non-gender toilet facilities (washrooms) in schools, universities and workplaces.

I have no issue with the provision of restrooms reserved for people who consider themselves transgender. I can understand the fear a biological male wearing female clothing would experience when entering a male toilet at a truck stop for example.

As a male, I would not feel threatened, insulted or anything else if a female accidentally or deliberately wandered into a male facility I was using irrespective of the gender type of her clothing.

Where I have a huge problem, as – my reading and listening informs me – do the majority of people, is with opening female washrooms to biological males claiming to identify as female.

There are enough problems of paedophiles preying on young children without offering more innocent victims like lambs tethered for slaughter. The problem is not males genuinely believing they are female, I do not believe they are the threat. It’s with giving sexual predators the opportunity to prey on young girls and women by simply putting on a skirt and claiming to identify as female.

This issue is being forced on a largely unwilling population under the cloak of political correctness by portraying any opposition as homophobia, sexism or intolerance.

It is being ratcheted up by liberal politicians aided and abetted by biased media.

Sadly on both issues, too few people are prepared to look beyond these modern examples of mind control and look for the unintended consequences of this propaganda.

I believe there will be a backlash to both.

Whether we are on the right or left of the political spectrum, we deserve to hear both sides of the story. We also need to think about the consequences of ignoring attempts to control our minds.

That can be difficult, it takes some digging.

Do you dig to try to find a balance?

graphic courtesy Stuart Miles / freedigitalphotos.net

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  1. September 3, 2016 at 7:50 am

    Both sides are out there. You just have to take a bit of time to find and then read them. Not that hard, especially with FOX news. There are also conservative blogs as well as liberal. The problem is most of us have our minds made up and we don’t – sadly – want to hear the opposite side.

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