Merry Christmas and a Wonderful 2015


I just reviewed my posts from a year ago because I could not remember what I had written in my last post before Christmas 2013. There was only one post for December 2013, this one, written in England during my visit to be with my mother for her 90th birthday.

A year ago, we were facing different concerns about the future, but I thought what I wrote then was equally relevant today.

“An overriding feeling in this quiet village with its ancient buildings is that of stability, a reminder that the human race has survived adversity and turmoil for thousands of years. Despite the current upheavals and disruptions in society, the past shows that we will survive these too.”

With the rise of ISIS, and other Islamic terrorists in West and East Africa, Ebola, terrorism in Canada and Australia, rioting and attacks on the police in the USA it seems we have even more cause for concern than a year ago.

Just as I was last year in that quiet village in the English Midlands, I am convinced today in this unseasonably warm Canada, that human ingenuity and resilience will triumph and that we will survive. My hope is that some of the ridiculous infringements on individual rights caused by political correctness will be seen for the foolishness they are and be overturned.

Let us hope that the leaders of the free world find the resolve and fortitude to confront the forces of evil both within and outside our own countries with the strength necessary to ensure that future for our children, grandchildren and for generations to come.

The future belongs to those of us who are prepared to create it for ourselves, do more than the ordinary. It will not belong to those just along for a free ride through life.

Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year, thank you for your support and comments in 2014.



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