Lance Armstrong & The Caledonia 8, all Victims of Bureaucratic Arrogance.


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Two more shining examples of arrogant big government interference and trampling on individual rights in the news this week.

First, the US Doping Agency stripping Lance Armstrong of his 7 Tour de France titles. Last time I watched the event, the Tour de France took place in France, on the continent of Europe, 1000 s of miles away from The USA. The event always has been staged there, that’s why it’s named Tour de France and not Tour de USA.

If the French organisers of the event decided to take action, or an international cycling body, it would begin to make sense. But not for a USA organisation.

Then there is the statute of limitations issue. Most minor crimes and transgressions against society have a statute of limitations. Lance Armstrong has previously been cleared of doping charges, why then this continual persecution? Is there a statute of limitations on allegations of cheating in sport? Should there be?

I don’t know if Lance Armstrong is or is not guilty of taking banned substances or otherwise cheating. What I strongly suspect is that his fame and the good work he has done for cancer treatment has elevated him to the status of a celebrity just too tempting for scalp hunting bureaucrats to resist. A victim of his own success. The irony is that if he had quietly hung up his helmet, stashed his earnings and medals away somewhere safe, closed his Livestrong Foundation and dropped below the radar, it is unlikely that this would have got any traction. He would no longer have been an attractive target, had a quieter life, but cancer research would have been deprived of millions.

Even if incontrovertible proof that he had cheated did surface, Lace Armstrong will always be to me, and I believe thousands of others, one of the best examples of a man who overcame extreme adversity and went on to win.

If they take Lance Armstrong’s titles away, who are they going to give them too? Seems like most of his competitors, in their haste to point fingers, have incriminated themselves.

The second case is even more bizarre, if that is possible.

8 White people arrested for walking on what was a privately owned construction site in Caledonia, Ontario until it was illegally occupied by natives. It is not native land. The disgraceful conduct of the police in refusing to take any action against the illegal occupiers and continued harassment of law-abiding Caledonia residents is appalling. A frightening parallel to events in Zimbabwe in the early 2000 s when the police sided with the mobs of thugs intimidating and murdering white farmers. I wish I had the photographs of the uniformed police outside our security fence amongst a mob of 60 thugs threatening to kill my wife and I, burn our house and kill our animals. The police telling me that it was all my fault and just to pay the mob all the money we had, abandon our farm and all the “trouble” would stop.

Never in my worst nightmares did I believe I would see anything remotely similar in a Western Democracy, especially Canada. Regrettably since the first surrender by the police and politicians in Caledonia a few years ago, it is becoming like a re-run of the same horror movie.

Is it any wonder that people have little respect for the police? I am not accusing individual police men or women of cowardice, they are merely carrying out the orders of spineless politicians. Appeasement never works, it is a pity that each generation and each country has to find that out for itself. Do we never learn from history?

The nanny state and political correctness strike again, I fear for the future of Western society.


Wishing you success.

Peter Wright





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