Will Common Sense return with the swing of the Pendulum?



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One newsletter that continues to survive my regular unsubscribe purges is Roy Williams “Monday Morning Memo

Roy is a master at creating thought-provoking articles that challenge the way we have become accustomed to looking at things.

Recently, he has been writing about the “Pendulum” effect. How society swings between a “Me” and a “We” extreme every 40 years. According to Roy, we are halfway between the midpoint of the two extremes and the zenith of the “We” swing.

I find his theory both frightening and in an odd way re-assuring. Frightening because we are going to have to endure another 10 years of expanding government control, (the nanny state) suppression of individual freedom, political correctness and assaults on free enterprise. Re-assuring because I had begun to think we were on the final slippery slope to suffocation by unrestrained government expansion, outlawing of competition in everything from kids sports to business and crippling tax increases. Add to that the current practice of persecuting to inquisition like levels those suspected of hurting religious, ethnic or sexual minorities’  feelings.

If that was not enough, we are faced with the spectacle of Western leaders offering grovelling apologies to murderous mobs of thugs claiming to be offended by videos they have never seen and would not have known about but for the deliberate incitement by leaders with their own agendas. It seems to be conveniently forgotten that those protesting the perceived insults have no qualms about others of their faith burning whole churches full of Christians in Nigeria.

So it comes as a great relief to know that this descent into chaos is cyclical and not a linear progression towards the end of civilisation as we know it. Thank goodness for that, now the only problem is that as a baby boomer, I probably won’t be around to enjoy the next “Me” peak.

Roy Williams and Michael Drew have co-authored a book on the Pendulum effect, it will be launched on 1 October. From what I have read about it so far, it promises to be a fascinating explanation of the effect and how we can take advantage of it in our marketing.

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