Time to get to work and will women dominate social media in 2012?

Today we are having our first really cold day this winter, the temperature was -13 C (5F) this morning and had just got to -11 by mid afternoon. But at least after days of rain,

Back to work in 2012

Silver, Top Gun and Magic Penny -13C

overcast skies and some snow, the sun is shining . The horses did not seem to mind the cold too much.

A good day to get back into the work routine after taking it a bit easier for the last 10 days.

Today I finished my “archiving” exercise for last year. It is always a useful exercise to remember the successes and put the few disappointments away. It also reminds me of two important facts. The first, that I did accomplish more than I remembered before I did the exercise. The second, that I wasted a lot of time on stuff that was not important, unless I stuck rigidly to my action plan every day I broke the 80/20 rule.

I use those two discoveries to sharpen my goal setting for the new year.

How are you gearing up for 2012? Up to full speed already? Goals all set?

Today while doing some research on the audience demographics of a number of successful social media, marketing and lifestyle blogs, I found an interesting pattern:

  • Most of the top Social Media blogs are visited by more females than males.
  • The higher the share of technical content, the more male dominated, younger and better educated, the audience
  • Some male bloggers had a higher than average share of female visitors.
  • All the female bloggers had a higher share of female visitors.
  • The majority of visitors to Social Media and Marketing blogs had at least some college education.
  • A few blogs had an interesting age split with above average numbers of visitors in both 18 – 34 and 45 -64 age groups.
  • Minimalist type lifestyle blogs had below average  visits from over 35 year olds.

This is by no means scientific research and it only covered a small sample, I intend to explore it further. I will publish more details on my Social Media Blog.

Does this mean that as a male Baby Boomer I will have an advantage when talking to older male business owners about Social Media Marketing strategy? Or a distinct disadvantage? Could be interesting.


Wishing you a successful 2012,


Peter Wright









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