Tweeting from the toilet and social media burnout.


Three interesting but unrelated news items about social media this week.

Fox4 news and Sky news Australia, both quoting the results of a survey in the Australian, discovered that 6% of those surveyed are tweeting from the toilet. Apparently they are so desperate to keep their friends updated, they use every opportunity. We shouldn’t knock the idea, generations of harassed parents have found that the toilet is the only place for undisturbed reading time in a houseful of young children. I know that when my boys were young, I often stretched out a call of nature to allow uninterrupted sessions with the Sunday paper, an interesting magazine or a good book.

tweeting from the toiletIt’s a sign of the times that now it is more likely to be a smart phone, tablet or e-reader we take in there with us.

If we tweet or text while on the toilet would our words be considered scatological literature? Or lavatory humour?

Perhaps that is why one of the most common reasons for cell phones becoming water damaged is falling in the toilet!

Then a report that the California Legislature had passed a bill banning employers from requesting employees or job applicants’ social media passwords. I know people are desperate for jobs, and could be unwittingly compliant, but surely common sense dictates that if you would not give anyone your bank account password, you should not give out any other password either.

Is legislation for this necessary? Or yet another matter that should be our personal responsibility now being taken over by the Nanny State? Will we be left with any discretion at all to make decisions for ourselves?

The third one that caught my eye was more than one comment about people getting over their infatuation with social media – particularly Facebook, and a couple about how it is quite difficult to extricate one’s self from Facebook’s clutches and actually close the account.

Interesting that there seem to be more of these comments after Facebook’s less than spectacular IPO.

Perhaps Facebook has reached the top of its growth curve, will the line on the graph now flatten out or start dropping?

Most of us have busy lives and a limited amount of time for social media. As exciting new platforms are created, Pinterest for example, we find time for them by cutting down the time we spend on the older ones.

Others, already suffering from social media fatigue or burnout are just deciding to cut back on total time spent or to cut out some platforms by closing accounts.

It is going to be very interesting to see what the social media landscape looks like in a year or so.

What do you think? Is tweeting in the toilet a sign that social media is getting out of hand?

Wishing you success in all your endeavours.


Peter Wright



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