Is Social Media more powerful than a referendum?

Last week, the social media platforms were flooded with criticism of the proposed C-30 “Internet predator” bill – mine included. Quite right too, I gave my reasons in a previous post linking this bill to an increase in school bullying.

Two things about this are both interesting and disturbing.

One, when the liberals tried to introduce an even more onerous bill in 2005, there was far less outcry in the media, social or conventional.

Two, on this occasion, a twitter user launched a social media attack on the minister Vic Toews  disclosing personal details that were neither relevant, nor warranted.

Why are these  interesting and disturbing?

  • Is it because liberals are more vocal and active in their opposition to everything a Conservative government does?
  • Is a Conservative minister’s private life seen as fair game, but not a Liberal ministers?
  • Are Conservative critics more active on social media than Liberal critics?
  • Are more of us waking up to the perils of increasing government interference in our private lives?
  • Are more of us becoming concerned enough to make our voices heard?
  • Is the huge growth in users of social media turning more of us into activists?
  • Is the ease of spreading a message by social media overcoming the inertia that would prevent us mailing a letter or making a phone call?

Is this a sign that we have had enough of our individual rights and freedoms being steadily eroded under a creeping tide of political correctness? The start of a revolt against a suffocating blanket of  big brother government trying to control every last detail of our lives?

Does it signal the beginning of a return to an era of common sense?

Is the pendulum starting to swing back to the realisation that we all need to be responsible for our own futures? A realisation that every individual right and responsibility we surrender to the state leads us one step closer to the situation in Greece?

Is this the first act in a campaign to restore freedom and secure a future for us in the West? Much as the “Arab Spring” was supposed to usher in a new era of freedom in the Middle East and North Africa.

I don’t know the answers and for once I find myself in the interesting position of being on the same side as my more liberal friends.

It doesn’t matter, the more of us who work for the good of the country and personal freedom the better.

Perhaps Social Media is more powerful than a referendum.

What do you think? Is this the dawn of a new era powered by social media?

Leave your comment below, share your ideas.

Wishing you success in all your endeavours.


Peter Wright



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