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When you are heavily involved with social media, it is just too easy to get seduced by new tools and applications that spring up every day or sometimes it seems every hour.

The  green “it!” part of the! logo has been appearing more frequently on social media platforms as a source of content.  Recently, I have been getting more ping backs to this blog from content that had been curated by! users.

Time to find out what all the excitement was about, so I overcame my reluctance to sign up for one more social media account – I must be up to at least 100 by now – and gave it a try.

I am glad I did, it’s fun, it’s free (there are 2  paid upgrade levels which provide more analytics) and it is a very quick and effective tool for curating.

It works with “Topics” I started with just two, check them out here:! uses the tag line “Easily Publish Gorgeous Magazines”  it is certainly accurate.

There is a bookmarklet that can be added to a browser toolbar making curating-on-the-go simple and quick. Another good feature of Scoop it is the ability to post to multiple social media sites simultaneously.

Scoop it encourages engagement by notifying members when their friends from other platforms join, when topics get new followers and when other members suggest items for topics. Items can be moved to the top of the topic, moved around, trashed, shared, re-scooped from other members topics, comments added and Plus 1 ed.

For more information, visit the! blog.

It has similarities to tumblr, buffer and, but I believe that it has a different role to all of them, it is more immediate than tumblr, has more features than Buffer and is more dynamic than but I use all of them for slightly different purposes and find! a very useful addition to the social media tool box.

Be warned though, with tools like this, it is too easy to get carried away and flood pages on all our social media sites with the same content. That is not a good idea and will soon cause followers to un-follow. Like all automation tools, it needs thought and planning to be used most effectively.

Give it a try by going to my! page here

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Wishing you success in all your endeavours.

Peter Wright



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