Chick-fil-A, Social Media as judge, jury and executioner – again




Following on from my post on the punishment of Penn State, I find another controversy brewing in social media that, in my humble opinion, should not be a controversy at all, and is to my simple mind a blatant example of the tail wagging the dog. A small minority feeling aggrieved and attempting to discriminate against a major employer, interfere with existing business contracts and inconvenience the silent, peaceful, uncomplaining majority at the same time.

I am referring to the Chick-fil-A restaurant chain being persecuted in the media, social and conventional, for upholding the religious beliefs of its founders and in line with those beliefs allegedly making a donation to an anti-same sex marriage organisation. There are even appeals on Facebook to sign petitions demanding that some universities break their contracts with the chain and expel them from campuses.  Sandwiched between other items of earth shattering importance like cute cat videos and witty quotes.

Let me state that I am not particularly religious myself and rarely go to church. Throughout history, the crimes committed against humanity in the name of various religions (mainly the older ones)  and the grasping, almost extortionate means that some of the newer ones use to part their converts from their money have left me with a healthy distrust of both.

That being said, I was, like the majority of North Americans I believe, brought up as a Christian. Many of the fundamental Christian values (and those of other religions) are essential to democracy, good citizenship and the basis for a successful and happy life. It is unlikely that the great countries of the new world would have developed to the extent they have, had the early immigrants not adhered to those values.  Despite not being an ardent church person, I try to live my life according to those same principles that were the guidelines of my early years. I also understand that for millions of people, religion is an important part of their lives.  As long as they do not try to destroy the customs, traditions and values that have formed the fabric of our societies for generations, they should be free to practice their faith. It should be unacceptable for any group to try to outlaw those cherished customs of ours, like Christmas for example.

Although politically conservative, I am against big government and excessive government interference in our lives. I am also against censorship and other people telling me how to live my life as long as I am not interfering with theirs. What ever consenting adults chose to do with themselves or others in the privacy of their own homes is their business. I might not like what they do or stand for, just as they probably do not like a lot of what I do or support.

Live and let live seems a sensible idea, but unfortunately it seems that for certain liberal extremists, that is not good enough. “Letting” is no longer an option, now we are expected to show support for their outrageous demands. Being against same-sex marriage is seen as a crime. Whatever happened to the same right of free speech that these groups demand?

A recent survey here in Canada estimated that the non-conventionally sexually orientated group only made up 5% of the population. That may not have been a statistically accurate survey, even if it is grossly under representative,  that group  is still a small minority. By the laws of nature, homosexuality must remain a minority condition for the species to survive.

So if I accept that people have a right to do things I might not like, then I have a right to express an opinion on that, choose not to support it and even support groups that seek to suppress it through legislation.

Chick-fil-A has 1615 restaurants in the USA, is a huge employer, sponsor of college sports, bursaries,  a summer camp programme attended by 15 000 in 2012  and provides meals to thousands of students amongst others. It chooses to continue the policies of its founder Truett Cathy by operating debt free, giving back to the community and closing on Sundays to allow its franchisees and employees a day or relaxation and the opportunity to worship if they so choose. No compulsory church attendance!

That does not seem like an evil corporation to me.

It is mind-boggling that it should be persecuted by a vociferous minority, which includes some of the biggest whiners about discrimination and denial of “rights”.  Worse, that the mayor of a major city should also publicly criticise it for its views. A clear case of the pot calling the kettle black.

What is the bet that there would have been a deafening silence had the owners been Muslim, expressed the same (or more harsh) opinions and were in the habit of closing their restaurants on Fridays.  I for one might have thought that a poor business decision, but that it was entirely up to them, certainly not grounds for them to be discriminated against in the same way as Chick-fil-A . (I am not a Muslim apologist either, plenty of other things to criticise that group for).

The hypocrisy of the liberal fringe knows no bounds. 

The fact that this campaign is being waged in social media, exposes one of  the most undesirable attributes of this new medium. That individuals or groups can set themselves up as policeman, judge, jury and executioner, either individually or collectively. Innocent lives can be drastically affected, businesses ruined, jobs lost, all because a small minority started something that became a tool of sophisticated manipulators with a hidden agenda.

Where is the justice in that? What happened to freedom of speech? Both casualties of political correctness.

God help our countries, our politicians can’t.

Wishing you success – and immunity from political correctness.


Peter Wright



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