These are some useful tools that I use to save time, the links are to the free versions unless otherwise stated.

Social media:

Social Oomph, this is a great tool to vet new followers on twitter, store tweets to use later and keep track of your twitter statistics.

Pluggio, another good tool for identifying followers and using RSS feeds to find interesting articles to tweet.

Worlds Easiest Twitter For Business Software - Pluggio

XeeMe  Sign up for a free account and have your entire social media presence on 1 link.

LastPass, do you get frustrated trying to keep track of all your passwords? LastPass will store them for you and automatically enter your username and password when you log on to each website. It can also generate secure passwords. This saves me hours of having to look up passwords.



Buffer, very useful free tool for scheduling updates for Facebook, twitter & Linked In.


Rescue Time – The best productivity tool I have found. It tracks every minute spent on your computer, analyses it into productive and unproductive time into categories set up by the user.

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