Making the most of each moment.

It’s that time of year again when I refresh my connection with farming by helping neighbours with the harvest.

Harvest time

Harvest time

While I enjoy being outside and doing things I did in earlier parts of my life, it does impact on the time I have for writing this blog. For the next few weeks, I will not be publishing two posts every week.

It is a short period, by late December all the crops will be harvested, the grain dried, put in the bins and silos, all the equipment winterised and stored. Life will get back to normal.

There is added pressure on my time this year as I was appointed an Area Director for Toastmasters International. September and October are busy months for club, area and divisional speech contests.

I don’t like the extra demands on my time that my involvement in the harvest requires, but I know that it is only for a short period, that I will still get things done. It just requires careful planning and using time wisely. Not wasting time on stuff that is not important and using small blocks of time wisely.

Making the most out of each moment.

Here’s an example of people making the most out of each moment, making an unavoidable delay more enjoyable for hundreds of others by providing an impromptu music performance on the side of a busy highway in England during a traffic delay.

What a wonderful example of thriving on adversity and making the most of a few moments.

The writer of the original article commented that “It’s possibly the most British story you’ve ever read”.

The full story is here in this Mirror article

That same attitude helped the British people create the greatest empire ever known in the 18th and 19th centuries, survive the blitz and resist Hitler in WWII during the early part of the 20th.

You can let unwanted delays frustrate and irritate you, or you can use the time productively. By practicing music and entertaining fellow travellers, by reading, writing or enjoying a period of enforced idleness by doing nothing.

It’s your choice.

How is your Fall / Autumn season looking?

Busier than normal like mine? Or a quieter prelude to a busy Christmas period?


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  1 comment for “Making the most of each moment.

  1. Roberta
    September 17, 2015 at 6:43 pm

    Wishing you good luck in balancing farm work and Toastmasters. Look forward to reading about your days on the farm at least a few times before year’s end.

    These days my days are pretty much the same – do my candy rounds, home chores, gardening (I will miss that during the dark cold winter season.) few lunches with a good friend and/or a movie here and there, and visiting my brother.

    What a lovely way to spend a traffic jam. The music was wonderful. Of course, the Canon in D by Pachelbel is one of my faves. Mine and millions and millions in the world. LOL

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