What the Taliban’s Spring offensive means to Western jobs


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One of the curses of being a Baby Boomer is falling into the trap of telling younger generations that although in many ways life was harder when we were young, overall, things were generally better.  Both are true to some degree depending on when and where members of our generation were raised. Many would argue that quality of life was infinitely better before many of the more recent technological, and political developments, before the tail started wagging the dog, big government of the people instead of for the people.  One of the blessings of being our age is that we have learned a few lessons from past events. Lessons that often help us when similar circumstances arise. It is a pity that many of our politicians choose to ignore those same lessons and take us in directions that history has proved were disastrous.

On 27 March I published a post “Strange things happening in Afghanistan” . Seems like my crystal ball was in focus with that post. Even stranger things happened this past weekend in Afghanistan, the Taliban launched coordinated attacks on 7 separate targets in Kabul and in 2 other towns. The Kabul targets included a number of Western embassies. These were serious attacks using many insurgents and RPGs (Rocket Propelled Grenades) as well as small arms and suicide bombers.

Cheeky to say the least. Worse, yet more evidence if any was needed that the country is sliding into chaos even before Nato troops completely withdraw.

Yet President Karzai lays down the law to the Western forces who are keeping him in power and dictates what they can and cannot do. Now he does not want our forces involved in night raids, but he still wants our helicopters and other equipment to ferry his troops around.

Next door in Pakistan, the Taliban launched a successful attack on a prison and released over 300 of their members including some really nasty characters.

Time to either do the job properly with another dose of shock and awe or call it a day, pull our troops out before any more lives are wasted in this farce of a campaign and let the Afghans have what they are whining about, complete control. No doubt there will be a new Taliban government in Kabul within a few weeks of the last Nato troops leaving.

So what has this got to do with internet marketing, business or life in general?

It is yet another sign that the old system is fast disappearing, another sign that the West is losing its resolve to lead the world, not only as the world’s policeman but as competitive and innovative manufacturers, suppliers and exporters.

I am afraid that our governments and our societies have become so concerned with “human rights”, “group rights”, “minority rights” and political correctness that we have lost sight of individual rights and freedom. Too concerned with legislation and “issues” to be competitive. In fact regulating our businesses into extinction in many cases.

Is it any wonder China and India are becoming the new world leaders in many industries?

We cannot rely on long-term employment in large corporations, many of those are not going to be that large in a few years time unless they are taken over by their Chinese or Indian competitors. Even with deficit financing, at some time governments and societies will discover, as the Greeks have recently, that they have to drastically cut back on spending. That means that even the overpaid government jobs that many now enjoy will come to an end, no matter how much the public sector unions might whine.

The only salvation is to invest in ourselves, increase our skills, preferably easily exportable skills so that we can if necessary take those skills to one of the few economies still expanding in the East.  Even better is to develop skills that can provide an income from global markets while we live in our preferred part of the world.

One way to do that is to start an Internet Marketing business. With an on-line business, we can operate wherever we want from wherever we prefer to live, with all the financial and tax advantages that are available.

One way to get started even if you have no internet knowledge is to start with an Internet Marketing system that can have you first blog post published within minutes. It really is a case of sign up, log on and start blogging. I am trying the system out here is my post that I published earlier today, while you are there, watch the video and see exactly how simple it is. Empower Network Blog.

Wishing you success in all your endeavours.


Peter Wright




p.s. The link to Empower Network is an affiliate link.

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  1. April 17, 2012 at 10:31 pm

    Interesting Post Peter. I agree with you 100 percent with everything that you said. Political Parties are failing in America, Infrastructures are failing and the Government is clearly not doing it’s job to protect individual rights. Instead, the over qualified person gets shoved to the side, while a Minority gets the job. Why? Because they’ll work for less. Unions won’t be able to keep making what they’re making and eventually will collapse too. While Unions are a great idea, they’ve already done what they’ve came to do. Now it’s time for them to back off and focusing on protecting people. Instead of causing massive inflation. If the poor can’t keep up with that Massive Inflation, guess what, you’ll eventually be without a job and be back at square one. So, in the end, it’s the Unions and Big Boys who are going to be hurting. I’m taking matters into my own hands.

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