Poetic justice for Mugabe.

Poetic Justice – If only it were real

Poetic Justice for Mugabe.

This week saw the end of Robert Mugabe’s brutal 37 year dictatorship in Zimbabwe.

He has been replaced by his former ally in the ZANU PF terrorist movement Emerson Mnangagwa. Poetic justice because Mugabe’s downfall was triggered by his firing of Mnangagwa as Vice President two weeks earlier. Fired in an attempt by Mugabe to install his wife as the next President.


More details on the Zimbabwe Situation website.

Will the new dictator be any better than the old? Time will tell, but I am certainly not holding my breath. Will there be justice in Zimbabwe anytime soon?

The real test will come if and when elections are held.

Will they be fair?

Will they be free?

Will the new dictator and the remnants of the old regime accept an unfavourable result?

Mugabe has written the manual on how to lose successive elections while still retaining power and intimidating the electorate and foreign governments into accepting his version of the result.

It’s too late for the thousands murdered by Mugabe and his cronies over the last 37 years and earlier during the terrorist war. Many more innocent black victims than white.

Too late for many of the 5500 farmers forced off our farms, forced to leave our country and start again after losing all our assets. Too late for the hundreds of thousands of former farm workers and those in the cities who lost their jobs after Mugabe ruined the economy.

Will Mugabe face any consequences for his crimes? Unlikely that real justice will be seen or demanded. The Western governments who put him in power after caving in to the demands of the newly independent and undemocratic former colonies in Africa and Asia are not going to admit their complicity in the massacres and devastation of the once peaceful and successful Rhodesia.

Will we get the long-awaited compensation for our farms under a new regime? That level of justice will only happen if the new government agrees to pay us and can find Western governments to pick up the bill.

Perhaps our chances are marginally better than they were a few weeks ago.

As usual, the first thing to change after a coup in Africa is the President’s portrait.

Enough about Zimbabwe.


For the last 6 years, I have raised money for the Movember movement which collects funds for prostate and testicular cancer research and men’s mental health issues. For a bit of fun and to create awareness, participants are encouraged to grow moustaches for the month of November.

Because I am not fully alert early in the morning when I shave, I have accidentally continued shaving my moustache for the previous two years. This year I put a note on my bathroom mirror and have now grown a moustache that does some justice to the cause.

It’s growing







Please help me by visiting my Movember site, read about the work being done for men’s health and making a donation, no matter how small to help this important cause.



Mugabe cartoon & gif from the social media, creators unknown.

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