Overcoming Inertia – Physical and Mental

Inertia is an unappreciated natural force. It’s difficult to overcome.


inertia – barrier to action

Three weeks ago I wrote my first post after my by-pass surgery, I fully intended that post to be the first of a regular schedule of two posts a week. The same schedule I have kept to for most of the last few years.

It didn’t happen.



I could list a string of reasons for my lack of action. Some could almost be considered excuses. Although I have made good progress with my recovery, there have been some minor setbacks requiring visits to doctors. I got a bad cold two weeks ago, the coughing and sneezing was uncomfortable and left me with sore ribs.

But they are just excuses.

Inertia is the culprit.

I quickly overcame the physical side, I was walking two and a half kilometres within a few days of getting out of hospital. But I found it hard to stick to the post surgery recovery guidelines of not lifting more than 10 lbs, not stretching, pushing or pulling, very frustrating.

I did not have the desire or determination to write.

Because, I had got out of the habit of writing a post every Tuesday and Friday.

Habits drive our lives. Our good or bad habits decide whether we make progress, take action and succeed or give in to inertia, remain static or slide backwards.

Although my writing habit had slipped, I picked up two good, new ones. Walking every day except when the weather is really bad, and eating only salad for lunch, no bread, no sandwiches or bread rolls.

This post, short as it is, is the first step to picking up that habit of writing posts twice a week. I am determined to keep following the two new ones too.

How do you get past periods of inertia, when bad habits displace the good ones? Leave a comment.


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