Interesting statistics from London riots

For those who felt that I was being too critical in my condemnation of the rioters in British cities last month, and the ineffective reactions of the police and politicians, here are some interesting statistics.

An investigation into the types of people arrested during and after the riots as reported on BBC revealed that 75% of those arrested had previous criminal convictions and 25% had 10 or more convictions.

So if anything, those statistics just go to prove the point that I was making about rioters knowing that there would be no or few consequences for their criminal actions. The consequences of their previous criminal activities have been so minor that they did not see any risk in helping themselves to luxury items and burning cars for fun.

When people destroy the infrastructure in the areas in which they live, it makes a bit of a mockery of the do-gooders hand wringing and justification that these people are disadvantaged. For disadvantaged people, go and visit Somalia, Ethiopia or the slums in practically any African country, where a slice of bread and a cup of clean water are considered  luxuries.

Perhaps that is the solution, send all those rioters to work in the squalor of refugee camps in Africa for a few months, I bet they would return as model citizens – if they survived.

It’s a strange world.

Wishing you success in all your endeavours.

Peter Wright


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