How Incorrect Assumptions Impact Our Thoughts.

Valid Assumptions

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Old baby boomer as I am, I still fall into the trap of letting assumptions influence my thoughts, even if only temporarily.

A few months ago, while looking for more freelance writing assignments, I signed up with an organisation that puts writers in contact with their clients needing articles for blogs, newsletters or other publications.

I created a profile on their membership site, heard nothing from them and as so often happens with many of the different sites I join, forgot all about it.

On Friday last week, I received an email asking me to write articles for one of their clients. Yesterday I had time to look at it. When I saw the rate they were offering, it appeared low for the length of article that I thought they required. For some reason, I had got into my head that they were looking for articles of 700 to 1000 words. The rate they were quoting would have been half my normal rate for an article of that length.

Believing that it would not be worth entertaining, I did not investigate further. It left me feeling a bit negative about that organisation and the prospect of getting any worthwhile work from it.

This morning, I decided to look into it again. When I took the trouble to spend enough time on the site to find out what they were really looking for, I changed my attitude.

I discovered that articles of 300 to 500 words were called for, half the length and therefore half the effort and time that I had assumed. An additional bonus for achieving reader targets makes it a more attractive proposition. Suddenly the rate looked much better..

There was also an easy-to-navigate list of guidelines, tips and links to other resources on the site.

Now I am much more interested in working with that organisation.

How often do we miss opportunities because we let our own incorrect assumptions get in the way?

My negative impression when first looking at the offer did not spoil my day, but it was  the cause of a few minutes of negativity. How often do we let negative thoughts influence us because of something that we have not understood?

Two good lessons for me in one morning.

How about you, do you allow false assumptions to derail your day?

Wishing you success.


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  1 comment for “How Incorrect Assumptions Impact Our Thoughts.

  1. Roberta Hunter
    January 17, 2013 at 8:53 am

    I think I learn this lesson almost every day of my life.
    Maybe it is just human nature to do so. Maybe some evolutionary adaptation.
    Even if so, it is generally best for me to slow down and slow my brain down and
    think first. Easier said than done.

    Thoughtful post.

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