Excuses, or Justification, Reasons for no posts

Readers will note that I have not published a post since November 6.

I can offer three really good excuses:

In October, my son Bryan arrived from Zimbabwe. The Zimbabwe government is about to illegally take over the remaining small piece of the farm he manages. After the harvest of crops in the ground, he will have no income. He could be forced out of his house at any time. The safety of his family becomes more threatened every day.

Storms Ahead in Zimbabwe

Because both his older brother and I live in Canada, and he has already invested in property here, he decided to immigrate. He is discovering that the procedure for Canadian immigration is a long, difficult and expensive process – unless one is a refugee from a conflicted region newsworthy enough to provide considerable political brownie points.

Zimbabwe is not newsworthy enough. For Western governments to help the descendants of allies from the two World Wars to escape the disastrous consequences of the West’s sacrifice of a peaceful, prosperous country to the depredations of communist supported terrorists back in 1980 would be embarrassing.

That certain political leaders can glorify ruthless dictators like the recently departed Castro and ignore the actions of his and his Russian puppet masters in Cuba and Africa is the height of hypocrisy.

After Bryan returned to Zimbabwe, I spent all of November helping my neighbours with their corn harvest. A complete change from spending my days talking and writing. Busy all day and tired at night.

I have also had a series of doctors visits, tests and a minor procedure, that indicate I will need surgery within the next few weeks.

Three good excuses for no posts for a month, but that’s all they are excuses, not reasons. I could have created articles if I had been sufficiently committed, I wasn’t. I did write articles for other media, however I have been questioning the value of this blog. It needs a change of focus.

Rather than get stressed about maintaining a publishing schedule, I decided to take a month off from publishing on this blog.

Excuses or reasons, justified or not, that’s why you have not had any emails from me about new blog posts.

I do have a post about planning for the New Year almost ready, you will get it early next week.

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