Are Distractions Really the Enemy of Focus?




If distractions are one of the major reasons for us having difficulty focusing, then it should be a relatively simple problem to fix.

Distractions are only part of the problem, and frequently a part we invite into our lives by our routines and habits. In the post about how focus can come from both internal or external motivation, I wrote about how single-minded we can become when we need to focus on something as important as a sick child. We just do not allow ourselves to become distracted from focusing on our child’s recovery.

In my post on 3 October, I wrote about the WHY, that is the starting point. It determines our goals, it reinforces our determination. If our why is strong enough, we do not let ourselves become distracted from the most important activities we need to do for our mission to succeed, to fight our crusade, achieve our goal or change the world.

What if distractions are part of a cause & effect cycle that prevent us from focusing on activities, tasks and projects that we are not 100% committed to? Because we lack that commitment, we welcome distractions as a diversion, then blame the distractions for our inability to focus.

There is no question that the Internet age has provided endless new distractions. It has also allowed a greater number of people to work in service type industries where productivity and success are difficult to measure. More people are employed in job categories in which distractions are part of the job.

In the previous post I wrote about how valuable secretaries were 20 years ago as firewalls to block distractions from reaching a managers desk. Now that same manager has a computer monitor on the desk and a smart phone in a pocket or purse to channel distractions straight into his or her consciousness.

I’ll leave you with three questions to help you pinpoint the biggest challenge to focus in your life.

  1. Do you really know why you are on your mission and what your goal is?
  2. Are you 100% committed to achieving it?
  3. Do you resist distractions or secretly welcome them as an escape from focusing?

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  4 comments for “Are Distractions Really the Enemy of Focus?

  1. Roberta
    October 18, 2014 at 6:49 pm

    There does seem to be more distractions today. Very powerful distractions. I think in some ways people either have the “get it done,” attitude or they don’t. Good parenting and teaching can help some people to get the job done when people are young and in school. But alas, I think you either have that trait, that self discipline or you don’t.

  2. October 19, 2014 at 12:51 pm

    Another gem, Peter.
    We seem to traveling the same path on our separate journeys to abundance.

    1.Do you really know why you are on your mission and what your goal is?
    2.Are you 100% committed to achieving it?
    3.Do you resist distractions or secretly welcome them as an escape from focusing?

    I have been posting about the reformation of my Definite Major Purpose, this past few weeks and the information may be valuable to others.
    check out
    Bookmark for updates over the next 22 weeks.
    Of course the update sign up form is available to the right.
    Looking forward to sharing MORE

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