The Russian Navy’s lesson for marketers.

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it” – Goethe.

I was reminded of this quote earlier this week when I heard the news that the Russian Navy had successfully freed a Russian oil tanker that had been captured by Somali pirates.

Although I have long been critical of the Russians for many of their past involvements in other countries, I can only praise their swift and resolute action in rescuing the crew and freeing the captured vessel. In the process one of the pirates was killed and the remainder of the gang captured, presumably to be tried and sentenced to a long term of imprisonment. I would hope not to be released so that they can start again.

No agonising over what other countries may think, no protracted discussions over whether they had the “right” to save the crew and free the ship, no talking about what they were going to do. In a clear case of illegal action by the pirates, they just went ahead and got the job done.

If I recall correctly, there has only been one other similar case, when a French warship rescued a yacht. There have also been a few instances of ships crews’ fighting off the pirates, but regrettably, very few.

The pirates will continue their activities unless the probability of swift and decisive action from all the warships patrolling the Indian Ocean becomes high enough to make their chances of success so remote that it is not worth the risk.

So what is the connection with Internet or Network Marketing – or any entrepreneurial activity?


Don’t spend endless hours planning and considering possible outcomes. If you have a strategy get on with it, just do it.

The longer the deliberation process, the less chance of success. The more delay, the higher the possibility that the target has moved, or the competition has moved ahead of you.

Focus all your energies on achieving the specific goal, commit yourself totally to the task and get on with it.

Wishing you success in all your endeavours.

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