Success factors interview continued

Continuing with my interview with “K” a successful physiotherapist with her own busy practice, here is her advice for any young person considering a professional career;

Focus on your passion, find something you are really interested in.

Do it because you like it.

Keep your overheads low.

Learn to say NO.

K has found that, for a mother, the flexibility of being a self employed professional, allows her to schedule her business around her family. She sees her first client at 5:45 am – Yes 5:45 am – and is generally home by the time her children finish school. She can be there to help with homework, attend childrens sports events and sit down to a family supper.

All of this advice is particularly relevant to network marketers, we can dictate our working hours, structure our daily schedule around our family interests and still operate our businesses effectively.

How do you create your daily schedule? Do you balance your family and business needs?

Wishing you success in all your endeavours.

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