Rank Hypocrisy   How will politics affect our lives?

Two major events in the last few weeks, one with the potential to trigger a nuclear war. One a relatively minor skirmish between a country surrounded by hostile neighbours trying to protect itself and a group of activists seeking confrontation.

Which one got all the attention? Which one resulted in an emergency session of the UN Security Council? Which one got people out on the streets in many Western cities and Turkey. Which one brought down waves of condemnation?

Logic would suggest that responsible world leaders and self-professed peace loving activists should be demanding action against North Korea for the deliberate and provocative act of sinking a South Korean warship with the loss of 47 lives.

North Korea has the capability of killing millions of people in South Korea, Japan and neighbouring countries in a matter of minutes. Should a full scale war break out on the peninsula it could draw the USA, China and perhaps Russia into a conflict that could trigger the use of nuclear weapons.

Israel, although very well able to defend itself and take tactical action outside it’s borders when required is highly unlikely to trigger a conflict that will involve the major powers or cause the deaths of millions of people.

The loss of 9 lives on the ships trying to reach Gaza is regrettable but it was exactly what the activists wanted.

Now there is a demand for Israel to lift the blockade of Gaza, the blockade is called inhumane, unfair, and many more sympathy inducing adjectives.

So called human rights activists have short memories, many in these same groups, or their parents were the same people who were celebrating the blockade of Beira in Mozambique in the 1970′s to prevent Rhodesia getting oil and other essential supplies.

At the time of the blockade Rhodesia was fighting a war against communist terrorists who were determined to take over the country no matter how many of the population – black and white- were killed in the process.

Rhodesia lost more servicemen, per capita than almost any other country, fighting for the allies in World War 2. Despite this sacrifice, not only were promises of Independence under an existing constitution broken, we were abandoned by the West.

The situation in Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) today with the economy ruined, tens of thousands of people murdered and the lowest life expectancy of any country on earth is proof of the destructive policies of Western nations trying to appease the protestors.

So it seems as if in the eyes of the “human rights” movements, any country with predominantly pro – Western policies can do no good, but any country in the anti-Western bloc can do no wrong, no matter how destructive or irresponsible it’s actions.

If that’s not rank hypocrisy, I don’t know what is.

So what has my political rant to got do with Network or Internet Marketing, not much.

Except as a reminder that the stable world order is changing, the old rules of good or bad are being manipulated. Political and economic uncertainties are increasing. Now more than ever, we all need a “Plan B”. The importance of having an independent source of income like our own home based business is vital. We cannot depend on Governments or large corporations to save us.

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Wishing you well in all your endeavours.

Rank Hypocrisy   How will politics affect our lives?
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