How is Network Marketing different from farming?

I have been fortunate to have worked for large and small businesses, owned several businesses and been a farmer. I still have an involvement in a farming operation in addition to my network and internet marketing business.

While spending some time on the farm today, I reflected on the differences between farming and network marketing.

Farming in a cold climate like Canada, much of the USA and most of Europe brings challenges that I did not experience in Africa.
Particularly, the short growing season and the need to “winterise” equipment before it freezes.

For most farmers, the growing season has ended, so other than ensuring that the crops are harvested, stored and sold, there is nothing a farmer can do to increase his income until next spring. The die is cast.

Network marketers can increase their revenue for the year by taking action today, and can continue doing so right up to 31 December.

Calling new prospects, starting a new email campaign, following up with older contacts, on-line marketing or starting a blog, can all result in new people in your business or new product sales.

The cold weather makes no difference, in fact it’s an advantage, summer vacations are over, children back at school and for many people the worry of finding extra cash for the Christmas holiday period makes them more receptive to looking at new income generating opportunities.

So if you have not taken enough action in your business over the summer, it’s not too late, you still have 80 days left this year to take action every day to change your financial position.

Farmers cannot do anything to change their income this year, we can.

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Wishing you success in all your endeavours.

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