Networking Challenge to Facebook’s Empire?

Three of the biggest Social Media challenges for many Internet and Network Marketers are:

  • Finding the time to update social media sites.
  • Finding a balance between building relationships with personal updates and enticing page visitors to take the next step with promotional posts.
  • Determining the ROI on Social Media

Trying to be effective on social media as a time challenged entrepreneur can be frustrating, tiring and at times stressful. But like exercise or a diet, once started, it requires consistency to achieve results.

For some time, I have felt that my social media activities needed more sparkle, something that raised the interest level of the interaction between “friends” and “likes” on Facebook, “Followers” and “Followed” on twitter.

A few months ago, I began noticing  unusual tweets from some of the people in my twitter community. They were tweeting about buying shares on Empire Avenue, investing in people and social media values.

Intrigued, I followed the thread and found a whole new side to social media:

empire avenueIt’s hard to describe Empire Avenue in a few words, but I ‘ll try.

Empire Avenue is a combination of a mentally stimulating game and a social media site. The communication part is as enjoyable, or even more so, than the competition. Each new member starts with a stake of 10 000 “eaves” the game’s unit of currency and an allocation of shares.

Share values start at around 9 eaves and are then adjusted according to an estimate of the members value on several social media sites and the member’s blog(s).  Activity levels and number of followers, friends or contacts on Facebook, twitter, You Tube, Linked In and flickr all influence a members value.

Thereafter, members trade shares in other members and earn dividends based on their portfolio’s performance.

Communication between members is by shouts on profiles, messages or within community groups. Members have control over which of their social media updates appear on their profiles.

What’s the point of Empire Avenue?

I don’t know if there is one, but I do see several benefits:

  • It is an impartial social media rating mechanism.
  • It is a medium to contact others with similar or different interests.
  • It is vehicle to increase one’s network beyond other social media sites.
  • It can be enjoyed both at a serious, competitive level or frivolously.
  • It encourages  synergy by linking contacts from multiple social media sites.
  • It’s fun!

The downside is that it can easily become addictive, thereby increasing the stress of social media involvement!

Here’s a link to a blog post by Michael Long with a further explanation.

To check it out visit my profile on Empire Avenue, you might find that your social media experience becomes more enjoyable. And you will find more people to look at your Network or Internet Marketing messages.

Wishing you success in all your endeavours.


p.s. I discovered a  book by Olympic sportsman Jeremy Rolleston, “A Life That Counts” it’s a self-help book written by someone who has achieved success as a top level sportsmen, in a business career and then as a speaker. It’s worth reading, check it out here.

(As an affiliate marketer, I do get a commission if you buy the book from this link)

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