Are you missing your Window of Opportunity?

I live in a part of Ontario that produces a large acreage of corn. Generations of corn farmers have found that, despite the development of high yielding and short season corn varieties, the window of opportunity for corn planting to ensure a good crop is very short.

There is a popular saying “After 20 May, a bushel a day”. In other words, every day that planting is delayed after May 20 will result in a reduced harvest of a bushel an acre. So in round numbers of say, $5 a bushel, a 1000 acre farm would lose $5000 for every day that planting was delayed.

This spring has been wet and cold, many scheduled planting days have already been lost, the window of opportunity has been shorter than usual.

Have you missed the window of opportunity in your business? Do you continue to miss smaller window’s of opportunity by procrastinating, putting off contacting potential customers or failing to follow up and implement ideas?

What is a customer worth to you over the course of a year? What will the cost be if you miss an opportunity by not taking action when you should.

There are “windows of opportunity” all around us, unlike corn farmers, for most businesses, ours open up all year round we just need to be aware, to look for them and take action.

There is a huge “window of opportunity” coming in Network Marketing, it will be the window through which many people will see success. Will you be one of them? More details in my next post, or visit my website and contact me if you want an early view through the window.

Wishing you success in all your endeavours.

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