What is the most important success factor?

Many of the same character traits necessary for success are to be found in successful people in very different fields of endeavour; Leaders in business, sports, professions, health, politics, the miltary, religion and the arts all have some of the same characteristics.

For most of my adult life, it has fascinated me that people who started with similar backgrounds, education and resources could, years later, be at totally different levels of success. Frequently those who started at a disadvantage in one or more of these areas, were ultimately more successful than those who had a more advantageous start in life.

I remember wondering why some farmers who inherited debt free, operating farms from their parents were forced to sell up within a few years because they could not operate profitably, when other farmers who had not inherited land but taken out large loans to get started, became successful and wealthy. What motivated one to squander what he was handed on a plate and the other to take on debt and the vagaries of nature and succeed?

Continuing with this quest for success factors, I decided to interview successful people from different professions and types of business, to try and identify the common characteristics for success.

This week I had the opportunity to interview a very successful professional physiotherapist, she agreed to share her thoughts on what has made her successful.

Watch out for my next post, when I will be publishing her answer to my question “What is the single most important personal characteristic that has had the biggest contribution to your success?”

If you haven’t already taken advantage of Vic Johnson’s offer of a free copy of Napoleon Hill’s classic book “Think and Grow Rich” (There is a small shipping charge) Get your copy now, I do not know how long he will keep this offer open.

Wishing you success in all your endeavours.

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