How safe are your assumptions from reality?

In November, I wrote about the danger of confusing assumptions for facts in this post: Don’t act on assumptions…

Well today I got another sharp reminder of the danger of acting on assumptions, this one is quite shocking because of the calibre of people who have,  assumed this story to be true when it is just an urban legend.

I am editing an eBook about the difference between physical or athletic type goals and business goals, it is an expansion of a series of posts I did earlier this year starting Assumption or factwith: Marathon Goals easier for…. I thought while editing the eBook that I would refer to the Yale study of the class of 1953 that showed that of the 3% of the class who had written goals, most achieved them but the remaining 97% did not. There are also variants of this story quoting a Harvard study and different years.

That example has been quoted endlessly by some of the biggest names in goal setting and personal development, including being re-printed in at least one Network Marketing company training manual that I know of. I have seen it in print at least 5 times myself.

Before including it in my eBook, I decided to verify it by searching for it on Google. Imagine my surprise when I found several references to other searches that could find no evidence of the study ever having been done. One of the most comprehensive is this Fast Company report.  from 1996! So this myth is still being perpetuated years later.

Yet another example of acting on assumptions instead of facts and a warning to check sources that we assume to be 100% accurate.

Even more important with the speed at which social media can expose incorrect information and spread it like chicken pox.

I am glad I decided to do some checking.

How safe are your assumptions on your savings, investment or your whole financial future?

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Wishing you success in all your endeavours.

Peter Wright



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