Remembrance Day – Remembering Veterans


Remembering Veterans









Remembering the sacrifices veterans made in the wars of the 20th century and in Iraq and Afghanistan on this Remembrance, Veterans or Armistice day depending on where each of us are situated.

When we think we are hard done by and life is tough, let’s just stop feeling sorry for ourselves for a moment and consider how tough it was for the soldiers in the trenches in WW1, the servicemen and women in WW2, those who spent years as prisoners of war or in concentration camps. Imagine for a moment the stress of troops in Afghanistan expecting an IED to explode. Wondering which of the local troops might be the enemy in disguise, just waiting for the right moment to detonate his explosive belt or open up with his rifle.

Remember too, the continuing pain and suffering of those that returned injured, permanently disabled, mentally or physically, unable to live normal lives. The anguish and shattered lives of the families of those that did not survive.

For ex-Rhodesians like myself, remembering on this day as well, the anniversary of UDI. Our own Unilateral Declaration of Independence, a decision taken by our leaders, just as the American patriots had done 189 years earlier. Our leaders driven to the decision by Britain’s refusal to honour earlier promises of Independence.

Remembrance day made more poignant because many of our families and friends killed in the terrorist war would not have died if Britain and the West had stood by us as our volunteers did for them in both World Wars. Instead we were sacrificed to appease newly independent African states. The disaster that is much of Africa now, and Zimbabwe in particular, glaring evidence that we were right.

hot flower

Sarah Macmillan via Compfight           

Flame Lily – National Flower of Rhodesia.

NATO’s involvement in Afghanistan is winding down and early enthusiasm for interfering in uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa has waned. If Iran and North Korea can be dealt with without committing thousands of troops, we might enjoy a period of relative peace.


Remembering all veterans with gratitude and appreciation for their sacrifices.


Peter Wright



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