Power of Intention or just 2 amazing coincidences?

power of intention


I am not really a great believer in some of the “touch feely” stuff that many of the admirers of  the book, “The Secret” and the more fervent disciples of “The Law of Attraction” promote. Yes, I am a strong believer in the power of positive thinking, and that if we can control our thoughts, we can control the direction of our lives. But too many people think that belief is all that is needed, perhaps boosted by affirmations and vision boards.

The reality is that in the real world, nothing happens without action. No amount of reading, thinking, chanting, tapping, incense  burning or looking at pictures of fancy houses, flashy sports cars or exotic holiday destinations brings any rewards without action.

That said, the power of thought, energy, intention, the universe or whatever we call it is a force to be reckoned with, harnessed in tandem with action, it becomes magical.

I had two uncanny reminders of the power of thought or energy this week, both could be dismissed as pure coincidence but I choose to believe that it was something much greater.

On Monday morning I was chatting on Skype to Donna, a good friend about a business we are both involved in. She asked if I had heard from a mutual acquaintance called T recently, she had not spoken to him for 2 years. I told her that I had not heard from him for months, that I had heard he had moved and that neither the phone number or Skype address I had for him were still functioning. I said that I would try to contact him later in the day.

Imagine my surprise when a few hours later Donna phoned to tell me that T had phoned her 30 minutes after our earlier chat and to ask me if I had spoken to him. I had not, I had been out since our earlier chat and just returned.

Amazing, no contact with either of us for months and within 30 minutes of us mentioning his name and thinking about him, he was on the phone.

The second incident that verged on the paranormal, also had Skype as the trigger. Some of the businesses I am involved with have group chats set up on Skype so that we can quickly contact members, pass on ideas, and sometimes just chat. In response to a remark by one of the members yesterday morning, I entered a flippant comment and misquoted a couple of lines from Alfred Lord Tennyson’s famous poem about the charge of the Light Brigade. When British Cavalry charged the Russian guns in the Crimean war in a suicidal dash that left two-thirds of the regiment dead or dying on the field but captured the position from a far bigger force.

Within minutes, one of the other members had posted a link with the suggestion that I might find it interesting. It was a link to a post on his tumblr blog from 2 days before, with the whole poem reproduced and a video with the music score and more background information on the event. Because of my passion for horses, my service in the military – for a short time attached to the last operational cavalry unit in the world, and my late father’s service with mounted police and army units, I found it very interesting. For those of you interested in history, here it is. Light Brigade.

What is incredible about this is that I had no reason to quote (or misquote) those lines, the connection to what was being discussed was as tenuous as a spider web in a tornado. No real connection at all. Yet something inspired me to do so and as a result I got more background on a famous historical event and found a common interest with another blogger.

Either one of these events would have been amazing, two in two days – incredible. Just goes to show the power of thought , energy, intention or however we want to describe it.

Wishing you success in all your endeavours.

Peter Wright




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