I’m donating my face to charity in Movember

I am extremely grateful that I have been  lucky enough to have got over my recent heart attack quickly and with out major limitations on my daily activities. 

It was however a dramatic reminder of how fragile life is, how easily our lives can be turned upside down, or worse, in the blink of an eye. So in this enhanced state of awareness, I was intrigued by an unusual and amusing  campaign to raise funds for prostate cancer research.

The campaign was started in Australia and runs for the month of November, it’s called “Movember” because “Mo” is an Australian term for moustache.

The Movember movement estimates that prostate cancer  affects 1 in 6 men and not just us Baby Boomers, it does affect younger men.

So all you men out there, to show your support, all you have to do is stop shaving your upper lip for the month of November and make a small donation to the “Movember” movement.

To make this fun, I have started a team, the Woodstock Whiskers.  So click on the link, join the team and post some photos of your “Mos”.

Please donate to the cause, even a couple of bucks will help and the research it finances might just help you or someone close to you, escape prostate cancer.

You can donate on the team page here Woodstock Whiskers.

Wshing you success with all your endeavours.

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