How well do you focus?

Do you know how life seems to get busier, how it gets more difficult to accomplish the important things we must do?

I had set a goal to have a new capture page for one of my Internet campaigns set up by last Friday. I knew it would stretch my creative and technical limits to complete it. The week was exceptionally busy for a whole variety of reasons, but that’s life.

By Thursday evening, I had not started on the project, I can procrastinate like an expert when things seem difficult. A few other things needed my attention, but at 9 pm I resolved that I would complete the project that night. I cleared my desk of all distractions and took the first step, after that it got easier and by 1:15 am it was done, tested, published, re tested, finished.

Sure it took me longer than a computer guru and it could be improved, but remember, I am an old ex-farmer from Zimbabwe who had hardly ever used the Internet 4 years ago.

So what was the difference between Thursday night and the earlier part of the week?

Focus and Goal setting. I had set a goal to have it done, but by Thursday I was running out of time so at 9 pm I focused absolutely on that task, no emails, no social media sites, no research or any other distractions. 100% attention got it done.

How well are you focusing on the important areas of your business?

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Wishing you success in all your endeavours

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