Never Ever Give Up

What has turmoil in the Middle East got to do with Network or Internet Marketing, small business or even Baby Boomers? At first glance, not a lot, but it does provide some lessons in several areas.

Not least of which is to think critically before we just go along with the conventional wisdom that is published in the main stream media or agree with the moral lecturing of our politicians and leaders.

Perhaps most importantly is an example of survival when your back is against the wall.

Interesting times in the Middle East, the old guard gone in Tunisia,  a new government in Jordan and unprecedented protests and upheavals for the last 10 days in Egypt.

The Egyptian saga is particularly interesting and I take a contrary view to most political commentators in the West, but this is not a political blog so I’ll keep that side of it short.

What I do believe in a nutshell is this:

  • Hosni Mubarak has on balance, been good for Egypt,  the region and Western Interests.
  • Yes he has been an autocratic ruler, but as rulers go he has been relatively benign.
  • Under his rule Egypt’s economy has grown remarkably and is now the second largest in Africa.
  • Unemployment and lack of opportunity is not confined to Egypt or the Arab world.
  • Do we in the West really want another Iran?
  • The handing over of power to an unelected group is probably unconstitutional.
  • If public dissatisfaction with a ruler or ruling party is sufficient excuse for protests like this then several Western governments could soon be facing the same problem. Democratic or not.

Mubarak has been a Western ally for many years, it seems a bit off side to now abandon him, and the height of arrogance for Western governments to call for his immediate departure.

Our Western brand of democracy has been dramatically unsuccessful in Africa. Taking Zimbabwe as the most glaring example of a peaceful, prosperous, self sufficient, safe country with a booming economy when it was Rhodesia, condemned to economic and social disaster under Western imposed “democracy”.

Obviously, Egypt is not Zimbabwe, but let’s leave Egyptians to sort out there own problems without interference and pontification from what our leaders seem to think is the moral high ground.

Would Western governments tolerate their cities being closed down for 10 days, economies brought to a standstill and massive property damage?

Within the first few days of the Egyptian protests starting, most Western commentators and politicians began assuming that Mubarak would be gone within days. He is still there.

As things have apparently got worse, he has resisted calls for his immediate departure, but he has made concessions. As is so often the case, concessions have not helped and the clamour for his removal has increased.

Today at the end of day 10, he looks if anything, more secure than a couple of days ago.

Will he prevail and retain his position as President until September? I don’t know, but with each passing day, his chances will improve, if only because the government has the resources to continue but the protesters will soon get hungry and their numbers will fall through attrition.

So here’s my point as it relates to Network Marketers, Internet Marketers and any one who has their back against the wall.

Don’t ever, ever give up. No matter how bad things seem or who is calling for you to give up, don’t.

To set the record straight, I am not a great fan of Hosni Mubarak, I am sure his governments have deprived some citizens of their human rights – it happens in Africa every day. If he is unseated, so be it.

What does concern me is the West’s willingness to allow and even encourage  mob rule to displace a relatively stable and friendly government with no viable alternate system yet apparent. And arrogance in attempting to force other societies to adopt our systems.

On a lighter note and especially if you like British humour, I put a post about how the presenters of BBC’s Top Gear upset Mexico, and a short video of them on my other blog

Wishing you success in all your endeavours.

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  1 comment for “Never Ever Give Up

  1. February 6, 2011 at 6:50 pm

    Excellent points, all, Peter. We do a little too much pontificating here in the U. S. and often take rather simplistic approaches to foreign events that we don’t really understand or have not thought through.
    I share your dislike for governments that violate individual rights, but we have to be careful that fragile democracies aren’t forced before their time — only to fall to worse situations.
    Final comment – great blog you have here. I’ll be back. Just signed up with you. Have a nice day – J. Daniel

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