Is Excellence held captive by Political Correctness?

I am a regular reader of P.J. McLure’s newsletter and blog, his blog is called I enjoy his writing because he is an authority on mindset and his well written posts contain many nuggets of wisdom that I find useful. I recommend it to other Baby Boomers as well as younger generations.

His recent post titled Excellence held Captive is a typical example of his thought provoking writing. PJ gives several reasons why so many of us sabotage our own success to avoid the pain of criticism. Read his post to get the full impact.

It immediately got my attention and prompted me to think about the differences in attitude to success and life in general between my old homelands of Rhodesia and South Africa and those that are prevalent now in North America, and I suspect most of the “Developed” world.

For most of my life the two countries I called home were subject to sanctions and widespread negative media campaigns. There was certainly an “Us against the world” feeling. So maybe it was a case of “Strength through Adversity”.

So here is my comment on PJ’s Blog:

“An observation if I may. Until moving to Canada in 2004, I had lived all my life in Southern Africa. (Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe and South Africa) Our societies were far less politically correct, had virtually no social safety nets like unemployment insurance or old age pensions, very competitive, comparatively lightly taxed, and with little interference from government. (Until more recent changes).

Success was considered honourable and was celebrated, failure was seen as a temporary obstacle on the way to success. People who could not accept responsibility for their own success moved to a welfare state in Europe.

From what I have read, all characteristics shared by early North American settlers and necessary for societies here to develop to the extent they have.

So what has changed? It seems as if society has got soft since World War 2. The mediocrity of conformity is now being rewarded while the entrepreneurial spirit is being punished.

The future of capitalism, democracy and freedom depends on people taking your advice to heart and listening to their “real” inner voice. The one that tells them they can.”

End of comment.

So what do you think? Have modern societies become soft during the boom times? Has the concern for more equality, particularly the “equal distribution of wealth” concept and the corporate scandals of recent years tarnished the image of success? Has the Baby Boomer generation been too successful and created a sense of entitlement that cannot be sustained?

What has this to do with Network Marketing? If you read PJ’s article you will realise that if we are going to be successful in this business, and in life, we have to focus on our vision and not let the negative criticism divert us from our journey.

Wishing you success in all your endeavours and a Happy Thanksgiving.

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  1 comment for “Is Excellence held captive by Political Correctness?

  1. November 28, 2010 at 12:29 pm

    Hi Peter, great post & very though-provoking indeed. I think what we need to realise is that no matter what government of the day prevails wherever we find ourselves at that time, & no matter what changes or pressures society in general places on us….

    We are, as individuals, responsible for our actions & therefore responsible for our futures!

    Stay inspired!

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