The Essential Element for Achieving Your Goals in 2011

Happy New Year.

Like most network and Internet marketers and students of personal development, over the last couple of weeks, my email in-box has been flooded with newsletters and blog posts about setting goals for 2011 and how to achieve them.

Loads of  excellent ideas and advice, many great tips and a few strange ones. Covering everything from goal setting, purpose, vision, belief, affirmations, meditation, motivation,passion, spiritual enlightenment and lots more.

All good stuff, all very important and I know huge numbers of people will have written their goals for 2011 and beyond, many of us will have promised ourselves and others that we will practice new habits of success from 1 January, that this year will be different. The year that finally, we will find the secret to success.

What will happen is that by the end of the first week of January, the warm glow of the holiday season will have evaporated. As the month progresses, the hard reality of excess spending over Christmas will start to gnaw away at our resolve  to stay positive and the frustrations of uninspiring jobs or unprofitable businesses will further dampen our enthusiasm to change our lives.

So what happens to all the great ideas, the goals, the determination to make 2011 a better year?

Lack of  action, let’s be honest, it is fairly easy to write out a list of goals and convince ourselves that we can change our lives in the New Year, but it is much more difficult to take consistent, daily action steps to accomplish those goals.

As the New Year unfolds, life gets in the way, it’s easy to put off  taking action and to find excuses to justify that lack of action. It’s easier to keep on hoping and procrastinating than it is to keep doing those things that will get us to our goals. 

A vision, goals, belief and commitment  are vitally important,  but without action nothing happens. Just one small step each day towards even a moderate goal changes lives more quickly than infrequent steps towards a big goal.  

So the essential element for achieving any goal in 2011, is to take at least one positive, productive action step towards it every day.

Are you committed to taking action in 2011?

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Wishing you succcess in all your endeavours.

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