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Today’s post is by Jennifer Froggatt and is especially for readers in the United Kingdom.

What I like about Jennifers article is how she points out that this can be a difficult time of year for many people and how the added stresses that she mentions can make our problems seem insurmountable.

Over to Jennifer –

A new year brings with it the promise of better things and the motivation to achieve them. Unfortunately the months after January don’t offer so much hope. By this time of year we are all feeling a little down, bills are coming in and our motivation is on a downward spiral.

Motivation is the key to life, with out it we lack the enthusiasm we need to push ourselves forward. Be that in our careers, social life, housing situation, in our relationships or any other part of our lives we want to improve. Once we lose our motivation it is extremely hard to get ourselves back on track. Even the threats of repossession, or even a new child may not be enough, if anything they can just add to the pressure and our motivation takes another blow.

Finding ways to improve motivation is difficult to say the least. Life coaching may seem an unusual approach but it is a very effective means to boost your enthusiasm. Life coaching helps you find out why you are suffering a lack of motivation, finding the root cause. The life coach then helps you work out ways to deal with these root causes in a positive manner, and your motivation should then soar.

Life Coach Directory is an easy and effective way to find a qualified and insured life coach near you. You can search via postcode, town or county to find your closest life coach. You can see each coach’s qualifications, experience, expertise, fees and contact details. Why not make a visit today and get your motivation back on track.

So if you are stalled in an area of your life and just cannot get going again on your own consider coaching.

Wishing you success in all your endeavours.

Disclaimer: I do not receive any financial advantage from the website mentioned in this post. Some of the links elsewhere on this blog are to sites of which I am a compensated affiliate.

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