Has Alan Joyce started a Western Renaissance?

For weeks now, authorities in various cities have been using every excuse under the sun to avoid doing their jobs and  uphold the law, instead,  finding every reason to resist taking action against the “occupiers”. It is amazing but true, that if it were right-wing “occupiers” the media would be treating them as anarchists not crusaders and the police would be taking forceful action to evict them.

It’s a strange world we live in.

Then over the weekend, at last someone with the moral fortitude to stand up against striking workers and  cleverly force the Australian labour arbitrator into ruling that the Qantas strike must end immediately. Congratulations Alan Joyce on taking the tough decisions CEO’s are paid to take and not caving in to political correctness. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher saved Great Britain by standing up to the unions, it’s been a long time since anyone else has been courageous enough to follow her example. Has Alan Joyce started a Western Renaissance? Too early to tell, but we can hope.

Sadly, already his opponents are calling for an enquiry into his actions. Never mind that he got the airline operating again quickly, limited the inconvenience to travellers to a few days instead of weeks and in the process probably saved millions of dollars in compensation and lost revenue. Not to mention the savings to Australian tourism and business in general. The man deserves a medal, not an enquiry.

News of decisive action like that gives me hope that our Western system might just survive.

Then just as there is a glimmer of hope, another act of surrender. After taking the decision to evict the occupiers who forced St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, England to close

Hope for the West

St. Pauls

its doors for the first time since the second world war, the church capitulated to mob demands and changed its mind. The matter may be out of their hands now as health concerns seem to be motivating the civil authorities to take action.

When will people realise that in reality and despite what occupiers, protesters, unions and liberal politicians might say, no one has an automatic “right” to a good job, free health care or education. There are only two basic “rights”, the right to safety and security of life and property, and the right to be free to lead our lives as we want as long as we do not infringe on another’s two basic rights by pre-emptive violence or fraud. Everything else in life is a privilege that has to be paid for in one of only two ways:

  • Out of our own efforts – including services paid with our taxes.
  •  Out of someone else’s efforts either directly or through taxes.
It really is that simple, no amount of punitively taxing the rich, wealth re-distribution or government interference can change that basic fact.

If our cocooned  Western upbringing has difficulty in accepting that, then we need to go and see how most of the world lives, they do not even have those two basic rights.

Yes, I know life is a little more complicated, I accept that there must be levels of government to provide basic services and these must be paid for by taxes. I accept that there are genuine cases of  need that must be addressed. However it does not change the fact that every dollar  a government pays out is a dollar taken from someone else in the form of taxes.

The biggest threats to our Western democracies are not terrorism, Iran, Muslim extremists or nuclear war.

The biggest threats are all internal, political correctness, the sense of entitlement, failure to enforce laws, too liberal immigration policies, abandoning  the values that made our countries great and the ever-expanding big government that if not controlled will become the parasite that bleeds its host to death.

The uncontrolled power that unions have been allowed to usurp, lack of consequences when people fail to make an effort to improve themselves and governments reluctance to protect the freedom and property of law-abiding citizens while pandering to socialist causes, all contribute to the threat to  our societies.

The turmoil this week in Greece is convincing proof that just like individual consumers and businesses, countries cannot continue to spend more than they receive

motivation in turmoil


indefinitely. The Greek Prime Minister deserves some sympathy, if ever a leader was between a rock and a hard place, that’s where he is. Facing huge opposition, protests and probably more violence domestically if he wins the referendum. The end of his political career and Greece’s probable expulsion from the Euro zone if he loses.

Tough spot to be in.

What has my political rant got to do with internet marketing, motivation or business?

All the concerns I and many far wiser observers are reporting, mean that more than ever in the months and years ahead, we have to take responsibility for our own destinies. The days of easy jobs, plentiful benefits and being able to coast through life are gone. Gone to the rapidly expanding middle classes in India and China in the short-term, and if they follow the West’s lead into decline, to the next tier of developing nations, Brazil or Indonesia?

The only security any of us have is what we use our brains for,or for the exceptionally gifted, our physical or artistic talents. It is more important now than at any time since the Industrial revolution to develop skills that we can use to generate income without having to rely on “a job

Stories abound about how more millionaires were created during the great depression in the 1930’s than any other decade, I do not know if that is absolutely correct. But I do know that many people became very successful then and in other periods of turmoil. My experiences in Africa taught me that even in the worst conditions, some people will use their skills, take action and turn disaster into opportunity.

One of the best ways to take advantage of the opportunities that will come our way, is through personal development. Building self-confidence, developing speaking and writing skills, discovering how our strengths can be leveraged into new earning streams.

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Wishing you success in all your endeavours.

Peter Wright


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