Motivation, Inspiration, what makes us succeed.

Holidays for Relaxation and Motivation

Holidays have never been a big thing in my life.   In July, I read this article, “The Importance of Vacations” by Kathleen Beauvais, the publisher of the HealthyWR eMagazine for healthy businesses in the Waterloo Region of Ontario. At…

Perseverance, Purpose and a Cause.

Tomorrow will be the 182nd anniversary of William Wilberforce’s death. His crusade to abolish slavery is a remarkable example of the power of perseverance. Wilberforce was born into a wealthy family. He did not have to work to support himself, he…

Goals, Commitment and Aspirations


I have been striving for, reading and writing about goals for many years. I have long harboured the suspicion that few experts and even fewer ordinary people like me get it right. Why should that be? Various thoughts had been…

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