You are never too old to try new things

Many baby boomers are active on the internet, either as internet entrepreneurs, social media site users, bloggers or for research.

At first, it seems odd that a great number of us who completed our schooling before computers or even calculators were invented, should now use this technology so readily.

Many of us, myself included, do struggle at first to become proficient at some of the skills needed to use the new technology, but for those who persevere, these new-found skills can be very rewarding.

So why do so many of our generation succeed in using the web and building businesses on the internet?

Here are a few ideas:

Without calculators, we had to become reasonably proficient at mental mathematical calculations, particularly those of us who were educated in countries without decimal currencies. (try adding columns of prices in pounds, shillings and pence)

We had to read books.

We had to do research the hard way by going to libraries, finding the necessary reference books and making notes by hand.

There were fewer channels on TV, and in many countries, no TV so less distractions.

Discipline at school, at home and in general was enforced. Punishment was not considered politically incorrect, was applied swiftly (and often painfully) as a consequence of either breaking the rules or non-performance.

Lastly, many men (and some women) in various countries were required to perform some sort of national service for their country by serving in the military.

All of the above I believe, taught our generation to think for ourselves, gave us a strong work ethic and taught us that we would suffer the consequences of unacceptable behaviour.

So I am not for a moment suggesting that the baby boomer generation is “better” than subsequent generations, there are stong arguments to the contrary.

What I am suggesting is that the conditions and environment created by the lack of technology in our formative years, has in fact prepared us very well to adopt the “new” technology.

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Wishing you success in all your endeavours

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