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I have been promoting the Zeek rewards programme for nearly 3 months, I am very happy with my return on investment, I am even happier that it only takes me 4 minutes a day to place the ad that qualifies me for each day’s profit share. What is exciting about this programme and what makes it completely different to most on-line and network marketing systems is that I can see exactly how I am doing each day. I do not have to wait for a month end report or get my calculator out to work out if I am making any money or not.

Do I only spend 4 minutes a day on it? No, I spend time marketing it and helping people in my team. That time has to be fitted into my daily schedule with all the other things that I do in my business and personal life. The potential for Zeek is so good that I would like to spend more time promoting it but as all who work for themselves discover, a minute on project A is a minute that cannot be spent on project B.

With that background, I found it interesting to see how many Internet Marketers are flocking to a new Penny Auction based system that is being widely promoted.

The system is not yet operational, it will start in a few weeks, it is being heavily promoted, as most new programmes are, on the idea that those “lucky” enough to get in on the ground floor, will do so much better than those who wait.

That may be so for some of the early starters, if the programme starts as expected, if it succeeds as well as is being suggested, if it can compete successfully with Zeek and other players in the Penny Auction game. That’s a lot of ifs. Detailed information on the opportunity is scarce.

I was invited to join right at the start, the amount needed to secure a spot is not high, under $50. There is a lot of excitement being generated, it would be easy to be tempted, to try it, diversify, keep all options open, have many irons in the fire.

I decided against it. Why?

  • Not because there is not much information about the business available.
  • Not because of the initial investment required.
  • Not because of any concern over the underlying business – Penny Auctions.

Focus and time.

To me the dangers of losing focus on things that are working far outweigh the potential of jumping into something new.

Every minute spent on a new project would have to be stolen from an existing business or personal activity.

I am not convinced that promoting two competitors in the same industry is a good strategy. Hedging one’s bets by betting on both sides of a deal has its place, but this is not one of them. Almost like running with the hare and hunting with the hounds.

From the promotions I see for this new programme, it is obvious that many people who are promoting Zeek and another different type of system I am also part of, are spending time promoting the new one. That is wonderful, far less competition for those of us who stay focused on what is already working for us.

Are all those people making a mistake? No, for some it may be a far better opportunity than anything they have been doing. For others with a strategy and resources for building teams quickly, taking the early profits and moving on to the next new thing, it might be exactly right. For some it might be their first venture into the on-line business world. I wish every one success with it.

My concern is for those who are not yet successful, who are easily seduced by the hype of  the latest new thing. Who have not discovered the secret of commitment and focus.  

It is very easy to keep busy setting up, learning and talking about a new system, the big question is, would that time achieve better or quicker results if it was spent on something that was already set up, already working?

Should we never look at new opportunities? No. We should always have our antenna tuned for things we can use to our advantage, but our decision to adopt them, invest in them or use them needs to be carefully considered. Not jumped at just because they are the latest shiny new objects.

Wishing you success in all your endeavours.


Peter Wright

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