Royally Prepared for Internet Marketing

Before you wonder what a video about horses has to do with Internet and Network marketing or any business, let me explain.

If you have followed this blog for a while and read my story, you might have gathered that I am a horse lover. I have been privileged to own and ride horses for most of my life. Especially privileged to have had horses in Southern Africa with it’s amazing climate that let me ride all year round, and enjoy equine sports that are not widely played here in North America.

So pictures or videos of horses, tend to catch my eye more than shiny objects do. I have had my sports car and BMWs. Nice as they were at the time, now as long as I have a reliable set of wheels and a truck to pull my horse trailer, I would rather put spare cash into other things – like more horses!

All  that preamble is to give you an idea of why a video about the horses and carriages to be used in the Royal Wedding in England in a few weeks time got my attention.

Let me add that although I wish the Royal couple a happy marriage, my main interest here  is in the horses, carriages and the preparation for the event.

This is the connection to business in general and Internet and Network marketing in particular.

Preparation!  and Confidence in the outcome.

Here is the video courtesy of

Horses selected for their ability to remain calm in the crowds. Harness and coachwork cleaned and polished to perfection. The route to Westminster Abbey will be planned to the last inch and the timing to the last second. The British are particularly good at putting on these spectacles of pomp and ceremony.

How many of us put any where near that degree of preparation into our marketing campaigns, planning our business strategy or even what we write in emails?

When large animals are required to perform in front of noisy crowds, there is always potential for disaster, as we sometimes see  in parades around North America. This wedding will be watched by thousands on the ground and millions on TV. It has to be perfect the first time, there will be no second shot.

Confidence that the horse drawn carriage procession will go smoothly at the Royal Wedding can only come from years of training, absolute attention to detail and frequent practice. It will be spectacular because of the preparation that will have gone into it.

So if we are honest with ourselves, do we put a fraction of that preparation into our businesses? Or do we tend to fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants more often than we should?

A program that can help make our marketing activities more professional by personal branding is the Personal Branding Theme check it out, by the way, if you buy it I get paid a commission but not a Royal one.

Wishing you success in all your endeavours.

Peter Wright

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